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With the rise in demand for a slim computer and reasonably smaller in size, companies are on a race to produce the best laptops that meet the need of its consumers. ASUS has produced laptops for long, and over this period, they’ve proven to be a force to reckon with. This brand is among the top laptop brands in the market, and with its latest VivoBook S15 that offers reliable performance in a sleek design, ASUS has proved to be still in the game. The S15 comes with some pretty stunning features like a wide FHD Display, i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, and a windows ten home.

Multiple laptops are in the market with a bewildering variety of sizes, but only few meets your requirements. ASUS VivoBook S15 is a great laptop with the perfect screen size and full HD that lets you perform all your favorite tasks from movies to browsing. The Nano Edge Benzel display feature reduces the overall dimensions of S15, offering a small footprint making it more portable while providing the user the best viewing experience. With the latest 86% screen ratio to body technology, this device is among the few laptops that have embraced this new technology that only used to be in smartphones.

Intel Core i5 processor gives the user automatic speeds whenever your S15 requires extra performance hence giving you a smart functionality with a speed boost and fast internet speeds. This processor has the Intel hyper-threading technology with four ways of processing, which provides each core with the ability to perform two tasks at once. With the i5 processor, you can run all your apps simultaneously, and your ASUS will not be slowed down in any way. The NVIDIA® discrete graphics are included in this powerful machine to provide you with a marvellous visual performance for sharp imaging and great color. Videos and audios are also greatly improved, and games are supported by the i5 processor giving you more explicit pictures and sound.

When it comes to design, ASUS VivoBook S15 has taken it to another as it is not ordinary. It is edgy as it ensures it stands apart by being the top in the range to sport the VivoBook logo on the lid. The sleek metal chassis is well furnished, standing out with the best tactile finish. Color-blocking side accents provide good looks and extra design elements like the twill vents for the beautiful speakers and cooling system. With variety of colors to choose from like, transparent silver, moss green, and punk pink, you select the perfect color that speaks about you.

The 8 GB DDR4 RAM has improved capacity and performance scalability if compared to the previous DDR3. 8 GB RAM is enough to install your favorite games and play them without problems encountered by laptops with lesser RAM. With such fast RAM, you can quickly perform more tasks, thanks to the DDR4 feature boosting everything. When it comes to energy consumption, DDR4 consumes less power and it also offers system-level reliability to the user.

Solid State Drives are the latest storage technology available in the market with pretty vast advantages over the HDDs. SSDs are generally faster, giving you superfast storage for fast access copying speeds. Before creating SSDs, transferring files took a lot of time. You’d be left looking for something to do as your files are being copied, which is time-wasting. The solid-state drive in ASUS VivoBook gives it fast boot speeds that are quite essential for office. Imagine yourself in a panel of your employers, and you have to present something stored in your HDD laptop. Turning it on would take a considerable amount of time to boot, which can be annoying to your bosses.

The ergonomic backlit keyboard gives you an extra advantage if you are going to use your device in the dark. Let’s assume you and your friends are out for a road trip, and on the way, you decide to make a stop and build a camp, your ASUS laptop with keyboard light will be beneficial since you can see all the letters. You can chat, browse, and do other things in the dark thanks to the backlit keyboard.

It can be hard getting such a powerful laptop at such a reasonable price. At 699 dollars, this machine is one kind of a deal that you should never ignore. The magnificent design works in favor of the students who are after something stylish and exotic.

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