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When purchasing a computer, it’s vital to consider your needs and desires as they speak volumes about what you are looking for. HP is among the leading computer brands in the market for over fifty years, offers machines that capture your inner desires by giving you excellent performance and a beautiful look. The HP Stream is a powerful device that gives you all you’ll ever need in a laptop. It comes with pretty amazing features like 14’’ inches screen, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC internal memory, AMD Dual-core processor, and a year of warranty.

HP Stream has a 14’’ inches HD display that gives you the best viewing experience when it comes to movies, playing games, and browsing. Being a 14’’ inch laptop, the images you view on this device will be crystal clear. For gamers, this should be good news as you can play all your games without experiencing blurry images that are common in non HD screens. Other screens may look grainier, and texts may not fit well on the screen but not this high definition screen as you only get the best images with HP.

The more ram your computer has, the simpler its job becomes, and this is what makes your laptop faster. HP Stream has 4 GB RAM, which is pretty good for a computer like it since it lets you watch movies, browse and do other things. For game lovers, some impressive games can be supported in this device like battlefield 3 & 4, and tomb raider. Unlike computers with lesser random access memory, this HP Stream doesn’t need to work harder to transfer data because it has enough RAM for the job. A device that struggles to transfer data or run applications because of insufficient RAM may later be damaged and develop a poor performance; that is why you need to go for this HP Stream.

32 GB of memory is usually considered small for a laptop, but if all you do is store small media sized applications and files, there’s no need for more memory. But if you’re that kind of person who saves volumes of data, you’ll probably need a larger storage room for your files. This laptop has a microSD slot where you could mount your SD card and store more files like your audio, videos, applications, and pictures.

With the rise in technological advancement, you need a smarter way to work. HP Stream comes packed with a one year cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 that gives you the ability to create the latest enterprise at a cheaper cost. Office 365 has included the resources needed for well-organized productivity like excel, PowerPoint, email, and the communicator on a mobile platform. This laptop also has a dual-core processor that is enough to perform most tasks at a reasonable speed. When it comes to browsing and streaming, this flexibly fast processor will give fast internet speeds to download all your files quickly.

As a student who requires a lightweight laptop and compact for easy movements from one place to another, the HP Stream is the best computer for you. A long-lasting battery is another added advantage to this laptop, which is so important. This laptop is quite affordable and won’t break the bank. At twenty dollars, this item is readily available in the market and online.

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