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All of us always have that thing that makes us feel insecure; be it your house, office, car or a business. We may not always be there to monitor them as we have other things to do. There is still that need to see things as they happen at that particular moment. Insecurity is a part of life that you can’t escape; it carries the virtue of care and responsibility. There is a need therefore, for the nest cam indoor security cameras that will help you see the daily activities from wherever you are.

The nest cam indoor cameras are easy to install and are quick to setup. All you need to do is just plugging them in, then install the nest app on your phone. You don’t need a hub for that as the cameras can be controlled just from the application. Once you install that app, you will be able so see the recording of the cameras live from your phone. If, for instance it’s your house, you will be able to see clearly who enters and what they are doing.

After setting up the cameras, you will be getting alerts on your phone so you don’t have to keep watching the recording. Once the cameras detects any movement, an alert is send directly to your phone. This ensures that you continue with your work and let the cameras watch on your behalf. It is just like leaving someone behind to watch your house or office on your behalf, and notify you Incase of anything.

If there is any activity, there is a live recording that is automated. The good thing about this camera is that you can listen to any sounds and you can also talk to distract them. Say for example, someone enters your house, you will listen to anything they may be saying or any other sound they make clearly, and you may speak also to them to know that you are watching.

The nest cam indoor cameras will guarantee you a 24/7 live video coverage. It has a 130 degrees view, and upto 1080P HD lens to ensure that the quality of the video is clear and perfect. The camera also uses a lithium ion battery that is strong and can last for days of video recording. Quality of the video matters as you will be able to know the exact details in the video. You will be able to see clearly through the lens of the cameras.

Another amazing feature of this camera is that it has a night vision. This is to mean that the cameras will record images captured in the night just as it were day time. The video is very clear and every detail is seen without struggle. This night vision is automated in that, the cameras switch themselves when darkness is detected. If for example there is a teenager in the house, who sneaks at night, thinking they won’t get caught, then this nest indoor cameras are the best for that.

The nest cam indoor cameras are not big and therefore they can be installed with ease. They come with the dimensions of two point nine square inches on the base and four point five inches on the height. The camera weighs around one and half pounds and it is therefore not heavy to be installed on a high place or loose ceiling. They can’t pull down anything because their weight allows them to cling on loose items.

The nest cam indoor cameras are affordable and can be delivered to you anywhere; you only have to place an order. Again, the shipping weight is five pounds and it’s therefore so cheap to ship. Their prices are based on strike through price which is very affordable. They are worth buying because they save you the stress of following up your things and gives you the comfort you so desire.

Overally, the nest cam indoor cameras have received a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. This means that, the item is among the best in-terms of selling and customer satisfaction. You, therefore should not doubt when purchasing the cameras as they have been tested, and recommend by clients all over there world, and has received one of the best ratings.

Cameras are a important tool to every household or office and therefore, the choice of buying should be the best. You should also look for the features that make you comfortable while using the cameras. They don’t have to be installed in your computers only, because you may not carry your computer around; but a phone is more convenient. The best camera in this generation is the nest cam indoor security camera.

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