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All are welcome is a children’s book that focuses on using different pictures to convey various forms of message to children. This picture book make use of various texts and photos to describe the story of a group of children that arrives at their new school. The children are welcomed with open arms by everyone. In this school, all the children are welcome irrespective of their race, color and cultural background. There is no type of intolerance among the distinct individuals that inhabit this little town. Each student here grow and learn from each other’s behaviors and characters.

Picture reading is a key material that helps to develop the language skills of little kids. Children tend to believe what they see therefore, this type of reading serves as an avenue to increase their mental capacity at a faster rate. Picture books is used to engage these youngsters to build up their various skills. It is a very mportant part of learning how to read and mastering how to speak different words. The pattern and composition of the book makes it a lot easy to understand and fun to read out loud, thereby allowing them to grab the concept of the narrative quickly.

Sketches from this book enables the reader to quickly understand what they are reading and also enabling first time readers to examine the concept of the narrative. If the youngsters are having a tough time understanding the words, the various sketches can help them comprehend what the story is all about. Picture reading enables both teachers and parents to spend ample time with the children by conversing about the tale. This instils into the young readers a high amount of morale to talk about the different characters in the story and how distinct events that have taken place when the tale is narrated.

Children derive joy and comfort from reading this type of book, this is because they are fun to read and does not pose any form of challenges. There is always a sense of happiness when it is time to read the picture books to the children. This is because it doesn’t pose any form of difficulties to the youngsters, they can never get tired of studying this type of publication because it contains lots of sketches that serves as a source of comfort to them.

It also assists in the establishment of difficult ideas in a safe environment, teachers recommend this type of publication to be used to introduce the youngsters to wider topic and subject in school. They may find it difficult to quickly understand the concept of a new topic that is being introduced to them. The use of these different illustrations makes it easy for them to quickly grab what the teacher is trying to explain. Students can readily access information at their steady pace and without any form of rush. This enables the students to discover a new world in their imagination.

Art is the expression of an imagination and thought, it helps to promote creativity in kids. The different illustrations made on the book helps to motivate and inspire them to make their beautiful drawings. Kids tend to visualize what they see, theses photos assists them to dive deep into their imagination and try to explore on the various characters that is included in the tale. It bridges the gap that occurs between adults and children, the time spent with them explaining the distinct texts and pictures to the kids helps to create a type of special bond with them.

These book helps to develop a sense of awareness in little kids by promoting imagination and creativity. Children tend to respond easily to pictures this makes it a lot more easy for the youngsters to instantly grab the concept of a story, even when it becomes difficult to understand the words, a picture makes story telling time an enjoyable moment for them. This type of studying hasten direct communication with kids, and makes them stand out among their peers. All are welcome informs young children that no matter who they are and where they come from they are always welcome in their school. It was written by Alexandra Penfold and published by Alfred Knopt.

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