Review Blue Sky 2020-2021 Academic Year Teachers Weekly & Monthly Lesson Planner

The Blue sky teachers weekly/monthly lesson planner makes teaching and learning easier for teachers, the book planner contains all the necessary features to enable teachers have a good lesson planning. Blue sky planner contains a monthly calendar plus two bonus months, may and June 2020. The book has special area for class birthdays where teachers can insert.

Blue sky has a particular area to put favorite photo inside the glossy, clear front sleeve cover for a unique planner cover. The layout allows teachers to add all important note in one place and features motivational, teacher quotes to inspire lesson planning process. Blue sky book has a quality white paper for clean writing space, with premium quality covers that withstand constant use throughout the year.

A lesson plan is essential resource for those who teach. The teacher needs to think about the course content in advance so that it will not only be a quality class, but especially so that it fits into the available timeframe. A teacher’s role is to convey as much knowledge as possible. So, there’s nothing better than relying on a planning tool that enables you to organize the content that will be taught in the most logical manner. Unlike some may think, lesson plans are not fixed, they can be constantly updated, whenever necessary.

The style is that a class approach might change during the course and also because the planning is done before the course begins. So, perhaps what you’ve planned doesn’t work well with the class because of your teaching style. However, in an online class, you cannot change your videos while the subject are taking place. Therefore, lesson plans work as a guide for teachers since they contain the steps to be followed during the course, the sequence of content to be taught, how each theme will be presented, the evaluation activities, evaluation methods, among other things you wish to add.

Lesson plans vary according to the type of framework that will be taught, but their importance is the same for all courses, whether online or in person. This document helps create a macro view of the course and not only of the separate parts. In this manner, teachers can think more about the time for each content and also about the order in which each theme will be presented, since they will know precisely everything that needs to be taught even before they start recording their classes.

With a lesson plan, teachers can understand which tools and resources are applicable to their material and when to use each of these options. In online courses, digital tools are key because they enable students to understand the content well. There are several educational technologies that can be employed by teachers to improve their online courses. If they only think of them at the time they are recording videos, they might face a major obstacle or even forget to use them. It is a lot easier when you can predict the resources you will use, and a lesson plan is the ideal moment to think about it.

There’s no doubt that if you’re teaching a subject, it is because you know it well. But even so, preparation is essential even for those who master what they will teach. Since lesson plans help teachers know what framework they’ll teach their students, they can prepare even more. It is possible to practice what you’ll say so that when it’s time to record the videos, you won’t waste time with extra recordings and the correction of mistakes. In addition, teachers have more available time to research framework, which makes it possible to add information beyond the basic, such as curiosities and other sources of study.

During the development of the lesson plan, teachers might realize that certain points need to be reviewed, tools that need to be replaced, and a lesson that requires special attention. With the document in hand, it is easier to make changes. We need to remember that we are talking about distance education, in other words, you won’t have in-person contact with your students. Therefore, planning must be increased and mistakes must be corrected beforehand. The planner teaching book is a must-have for all teachers for effective teaching and learning process.

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