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Who does not appreciate good art, a beautiful design, or a decoration? At occasions like birthdays, weddings, funerals and other ceremonies, people take extra time to decorate and beautify the place. The purpose for decoration is to make something beautiful and stand out from other things. When you paint a house, it shows more beauty than an unpainted house, this is why people paint. Likewise, when we draw, we try to make our arts more beautiful by painting or simple coloring.

While some people use acrylic paints, color pencils and oil paints for their arts, some use something else. There are people that prefer to use glitter to beautify their arts, and they are not wrong. Using glitter on your art makes it stand out and improves the ability to be noticed. This is the major reason why glitter markers were invented, to make your drawings or art stand out from the rest.

Glitters are collections of extremely tiny particles that reflect light in diverse colors and shapes. The shimmer and sparkle gotten from glitter is the work of different colors of these particles reflecting light at the same time. They go back farther than we think, the manufacturing of glitter was earlier done with insect, some special stones, or glass. However, recently, they are made from extra thin sheets of plastic. This beauty is so pleasing to the human eye that it is added to different things. Glitters are used in cosmetics, which is why you see a lot of glitter in makeup; lipsticks, eye shadows and blushes. Art is involved with glitter too, which is why marker companies like Crayola started adding glitter to markers.

Whether you are a professional artist or you know a lot about drawing and coloring, then you know about Crayola. Crayola is a craft company that has been producing art supplies and implements for over two decades. They are known for manufacturing crayons (hence the name), they make chalk, colored pencils, paints, modeling clay and this product, markers.

This product belongs to the Art with Edge series brought to you by Crayola. It is a Crayola Art with Edge 8 Count Glitter Marker Novelty consisting of 8 different colors. They have been designed with utmost expertise to give your project the glow and shine it needs. The colors included are gold, silver, purple, blue, green, pink orange and red, depending on the preference of the artist. There is a speculation that using glitter and glitter markers are girly, but this is false. With this product, you are given 8 gender-neutral colors, so it is not restricted to any gender at all.

Nevertheless, despite the fact you can use these markers on different surfaces like paper and canvas, you cannot use it on some surfaces. They do not work on fabrics, so do not apply to fabric or cloth surfaces. Do not try to wash off surfaces, they are definitely not washable. Asides all these, it is a very good and affordable product for all lovers of art, color and beauty. Even if you are not involved in anything involving glitter, you could purchase for someone else.

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