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Dell is an international computer technology based in the US and their products are in higher demands due to the high quality of their products. The Dell model P2419H is a recent product of Dell Marketing USA, LP. It is a 24 inches (61 cm) monitor with a fine ultra-thin bezel design which provides users with standard screen for any business. The monitor has an enhanced and large screen for professional works right from the comfort of your office as well as from home. Dell P2419H is a recent technology which comes with some interesting features which makes it unique on the global market.

However, Many people prefer it because of its attractive design and its standard width that provide vivid image for all users. This monitor has a great design as it is very thin and occupies little space on your desk. You will have enough space for other things on the desk. It has a strong adjustable stand on which the rotating screen can balance regardless the angle on view. The screen can be tilted between -5 to 21 degree, pivot between -90 to 90 degree and swivel between -45 to 45 degree. You can choose to mount it using the VESA mounting hole at the back. It’s ideal for quick presentation indoor or outdoor due to the width of the screen and its very sharp color.

Flicker-free feature on Dell P2419H makes it a monitor with comfort View technology, a feature that protects eyes over extended viewing. So, you don’t have to be afraid of brightness of the screen because it reduces the blue lights that harm your eyes. The design also comes with a cable clutter for cable management. It is a portable monitor weighting just 7, 19 pounds (8.62 kg); it can be easily moved from one office to the other. It can be safely taken to anywhere during outdoor programs, and the product can be detached and assembled easily without necessary soliciting a technician.

Many devices can be connected to this monitor for quality display and sound system. Dell P2419H provides user with a slot for power connection, an HDMI port, a stand lock features, and a VGA connector. You can also make use of USB Upstream ports and USB downstream ports. The monitor comes with the USB 30 Upstream cable, the power cable, and the display port cable. You can make use of those port for plugging mouse and keyboard.

This monitor is great if used as an extended screen for your computer; that way, you can enjoy a larger screen. It makes your reading and editing works faster and easy to do. You can choose to rotate the screen to adapt it to portray view. That is great for data entry because it can show more information than the landscape mode. There are some buttons under the screen which can be used for turning on/off the monitor. They are also used for setting manually the brightness, contrast, and color of the screen. You can also use them to switch between the HDMI ports and other ports.

Compared to its price, Dell P2419H is a great deal. You can get it at the affordable price in many shops and online stores. This product enjoys 3 years Limited Hardware Warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship in Dell hardware products. That means you can always return the product if the issues it developed is within the coverage of the warranty. It’s therefore important to know that the manufacturer will not be hold responsible for the direct or indirect you have caused to the product.

Furthermore, Dell P2419H is a high quality monitor that can be used for multi purposes. Since its announcement in 2018, this monitor has ranked among the top technologies and bestsellers. Today, it is still trusted by millions of people, professionals and non-professionals, who have used it and testify to its great performance. Products from Dell technology are among the best rated technologies in the world.

The price of Dell P2419H is affordable and can be a big investment for professional works. Some main features of Dell P2419H are 24 Inch LED-backlit, Anti-Glare, 3H Hard Coating IPS Monitor – (USB, 1000:1 Contrast, 8 ms Response, with Comfort View DisplayPort, FHD 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz VGA, and HDMI)”.

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