Review Elook 2-in-1 Cable and 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter for Music, Calling and Charge

Are you in search of a device that allows you to connect your phone to various gadgets? Then the wait is over as this new device enables you to carry out different functions at the same time. It is now possible for you to connect your headphone or earpiece to your phone to listen to music and at the same time you can also charge your phone. There is no need for you to wait for your phone battery to be fully charged before listening to music from your playlist. This device has made it possible to do both activities at the same time.

With this gadget you can listen to music for a long period of time without worrying about when the phone will shut down. It can be plugged into a power supply inorder to channel current into the phone. This gadget is very efficient as it enables the phone to charge at a fast rate, sharing a single wire does not mean that the phone will malfunction. It is made from a quality material to ensure that you get the best out of your charging and fill up your battery with power within a short while.

This gadget can only support iPhones and iPad mobile device because it does not cause any type of harm to the operating system of the phone. These phones still works in a normal way and can carry out all the needed function. The two USB ports are made from strong panels that allows the smooth flow of charge from the phone to the power source. If you are on a bus or taking a train you can comfortably charge your phone and make calls to your friends and family members without disconnecting any of the wire.

An adapter splitter does not in any way affect the quality of sound that is produced by the headphone. It still brings out audio in a normal way because the wires are connected in a way that they do not cause any type of disturbance to the phone or to the music and film that is being played in the background. This device is built in such a unique way that supports the use of microphone in the headset to pick up any type of sound that is heard in the background. You can now use them to make calls that will be heard clearly by the receiver.

The cable which connects the adapter to the phone is made up of strong capable wires that allows the free flow of charge through different points. It maintains the original sound of the audio without interfering with the signals that could lead to poor sound quality. This gadget can work without connecting them to any type of software to enhance the sound or to enable fast charging. Its unique body design makes them very attractive and can be gifted to any loved one for a special occasion. Elook cable and headphone connector stands out among all other product that can be found in the market.

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