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Mountain biking and skiing are described as extreme sports that require endurance and a confident attitude. Capturing these moments can be a great way of reminding yourself of the good memories you had. GoPro chest mount harness (All GoPro Cameras) Official GoPro Mount, provides you with the opportunity of recording those moments you would want to cherish for years on end. The camera is won on your chest, so that you can free the movement of your hands and concentrate on what you love doing.

Who would use this? Extreme sports lovers who are looking to record their experiences in sports and other activities. Sometimes, sports persons undertake daring challenges and they may not have a way of bragging to other people that they were able to achieve a certain milestone. Given that, most extreme sports happen in the twinkle of an eye, having the opportunity to record that for bragging rights is a very good opportunity to showcase your skills.

Cyclists who are looking to record their cycling records are encouraged to purchase this camera to gauge their performances. The cyclists is able to gauge the terrain that they excel in, and the slight improvements they need to include into their cycling. They can gauge the time they take to cover a certain distance and what they need to do improve their speeds.

Paddling in rivers and water bodies can be a great way of engaging various people into one sport. The teamwork and the lessons that you get to learn cannot be taught in any other sport. Recording you and your friends can be a good way of reminding yourselves of the good times you shared together. This helps you cope up with the difficult times, as you are able to cheer yourself up during those difficult times.

Motor cross requires mental toughness that is second to none. Having the opportunity to record yourself shows you how you react at different turns and speeds as you crisscross the dangerous roads and tarmac lanes. Being able to control your speed car gives you the confidence to keep going despite all the challenges you might face on the road or on the car.

Mountain climbing can be a great achievement for anybody looking to get to the peak. Most people have listed mountain climbing as one of the milestones they would want to achieve before they die. What better way than to record this activity and remind yourself of greatness.

Who would want this? Bicycle retail stores should equip their stores with this camera as they will increase their sales by the interest they create in cyclists who would want to record their activities on the road.

Towns and retail stores next to mountain areas should equip the mountain hikers who are looking to hike the mountain in that region. Given that most mountain hikers would love to undertake the hiking as they record via these cameras.

Sports houses and gyms should also sensitize the importance of having cameras as they go about their business in the gyms and sports venues. Having a good angle of their activities will give them the opportunity to gauge their fitness and expertise in a particular move or sport in general.

Why is it useful? The chesty camera makes it easy to capture immersive videos and photos from your chest. You are able to free up your hands and take pictures on the go. The chesty camera is more advantageous compared to the helmet camera. As for the helmet one, there are angles that you cannot cover but, for the chest one, you are able to cover the entire view without hindrance or obstructions.

The product dimensions are 7 × 2 × 5 inches, the item weight is three grams, the total shipping weight is nine grams. This camera uses the Lithium ion batteries, these batteries are durable and are bought separately. The product can be used by both men and women, as for the women the straps are adjustable to fit their chest and the sizes can be modified to anybody’s chest size.

It’s straps have a thick elastic material that does not wear off easily. These strands can withstand pressure for a very long time. The chesty camera comes in three packages, the hero 8 , the hero 7 black and the hero 7 silver. This ensures that you are able to choose the package that suits you well.

Why it is a good purchase? The pricing is relatively affordable putting in mind the quality and the convenience that the chesty camera provides.

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