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A toy is always an emotional gadget for a kid cause it shows them; how much their needs are cared for. It becomes a trophy, one they get to show to friends and brag, about. Telling them how many toys they have, indirectly stating how much they are loved by their parents. That is the way, a child would measure love at their level, they don’t know the value of relationships just yet. They soon start to realize the way you interact with them, learning that sharing moments with family also proves love. Joyjoz creates these connections for children and their parents, by making toys that can be used to play stimulating games quickly turning a boring party into a super exciting one.

However, Joyjoz was originated by an early years educator and mother, she took her time studying toys, materials and how an adult relationship influence and encourages children’s play. Going through years of dedicated study, has resulted to the inception of her company. One that makes toys and sporting products for children for all holiday celebrations also festive periods, in other to improve their most important know-how. Teaching these children the power of collaboration, teamwork, creativity, imaginative and critical reasoning. Everyone gets to laugh and run and hide which is the most interesting part of any game, this brand gives children a cool and fun summer adventure to remember. Some of the benefits of the toy water gun is that it will train a child ‘s hands, helping to coordinate the function of the brain.

Encouraging them to be more outgoing to take interest in outdoor activities. The water gun toy creates a bonding time for adults and children, a blast soaker up to 12.192 m in distance. With a resizable shoulder strap extended up to 2 m, supporting easy wear for children. Melted Ice cubes can be placed inside the water pistol for maximum fun. Consisting of materials that are made up of hard plastic that cannot be easily damaged, gotten from a friendly and healthy environment. Embodying a large water volume capacity which holds up to 1000cc of water and will not require constant refill when fighting.

Just pump aim at your opponent and fire, but it must be used with caution. While using this product do not aim to shoot the eyes, ears or face of the opponent. Having a great summer requires fun and games, playing these games with family and friends can get really enjoyable, meanwhile, equally having a memorable holiday. Kids can come up with new games to play with friends using the toy water gun, it allows for creativity and on the spot ideas. Although, it is mainly used by children, it can equally be used by family members to create a delightful day for everyone. Good value for money because it does as it says even better than expected. Playing in the heat is great, only because the toy guns after being filled with ice water can be cooling, when anyone is shot with it.

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