Review Life Magazine March 8, 1968

Life magazine released on March 8, 1968, and was published by Time Inc. This magazine cover talks about a bad story of poverty and despair ‘a cry that will be heard, the cry is so loud as it tends to be heard across all continents. An article that includes the larger family of Norman Fontenelle Sr; an essay about Fontenelle’s family that was filled with drama and a dangerous domestic violence happening to the family, the photos talked more of what was contained in the essay. This story is considered by many as so emotional for it talks about what happens to most families.

The magazine has 110 pages that includes reviews, editorials and true-life stories that has spanned across many ways of living being poor and life being a black American. Most of the photos in the 1968 magazine were true and reflecting on real-life and explained something that cannot be said by writing. This magazine is so iconic and is a set of history that will be stored in national museums for future reference of historic events that took place in the 20th century.

A Harlem family that was from the New York slums; the photo is one of the best and disturbing photo that Gordon Parks has ever produced. This is the article talking about Park and his family, how poverty affected families just because of their color. An irony of the unexpected war in Vietnam was well represented by a photo of a marine who was badly wounded and the photo was printed on two pages. A war that occurred between 1955 and 1957 and gained attention across all nations. An old city taken away from villagers who treasured their land so much and caused great fear to them for 25 days, leaving them without a home.

A view from here; the way the society viewed the poor that could not even place a meal on the table at that time. A few rays of hope; poor people having hope on having a bright future despite how life was meant to be as a black person. Change of skin; this was one of the best places that Gordon was good at, addressing those who are racists.

The Life magazine fights racism and promotes products like Volvo and old automobile and station wagons, Coca-cola, Marlboro and plenty of awesome photos. This magazine has recorded a great history from the 20th century. Despite the being released in 1968, the magazine is in good condition but may come with stamps and other small marks. This is not an issue because it is a great piece of history and you can make your purchase to read and enjoy across all continents. Work provided on Life magazine is Honest and engages the reader with emotional intelligence.

The magazine is available on all black American museums and other national museums. 1968, Life magazine is so historical and entertaining. This magazine has set a record of the best magazine at all time and no magazine can break that record. Park has set a record that no photographer can break because he has been writing about his own life and he got very touching stories. Most photos that Gordon produced that time were black and white. No race is more superior than the other was the main content of the magazine at the time.

Gordon is a good photographer as he is honest in his work, he did it to his best on Life magazine of March 8, 1968. This magazine is available on all online bookshops and if you have not gone through the 1968 magazine, you are advised to go for the magazine to ensure you enjoy and learn more on Park’s work. The rights of all black Americans were represented by a higher percentage of articles in Life 1968. This Life magazine is read by millions of people today, the 1968 magazine has raised a high demand for a very long time now. Kids of today should be taught history and taught to love one another despite the color of a person and the Life magazine 1968 got good history and moral lessons mostly for the young. This is the best literature work that Gordon worked for with love for the universe and it is a good purchase.

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