Review LUCIFER (TV Show) Lucifer Morningstar Bronze-Tone Pentecostal Round Metal Coin

The bronze coin is a magical object that which enables an individual to travel to Hell and return to earth. This coin can only be employed at a specific period of time just by whispering some few words. It is a unique kind of metal that has a lightweight. Lucifer was planning to use this coin to return to hell where he rightfully belonged, but what he didn’t realize was that it could only be used by the damned souls to escape from the burning fire. Damned souls are souls that have been sentenced to spend eternity in a burning fire.

Lucifer Morningstar is a beautiful angel who went against the rules heaven, due to his rebellious nature he was thrown into a formless space known as Chaoplasm. The Chaoplasm was modified into a desolate land known as hell. Hell is a place that is built for cursed souls, they suffer an eternity of torture in a hot flame. He was made to be the Lord and ruler of this desolate land for a long period of time pending the time he will be freed. His powers and abilities are numerous, lucifer is able to fly between heaven and earth due to the possession of angelic wings.

He could travel through different portals and dimensions to any part of the universe. This angel can also live forever as he can never grow old physically, his immortality gave him the potential to survive any type of human attack, he also have super strength. Other powers and abilities include: the ability to draw out people’s thought and desires, potential to speak a variety of language, ability to change to his scary face inorder to threaten people and then change back to his human form.

Leader of hell abandons his throne as he becomes bored with his life in hell, he decided to abandon there and move to the city of Los Angeles. He decides to open up a nightclub called ‘Lux’ along with a demon known as Mazikeen. Morningstar is portrayed as a sophisticated and charming man who parties every day with lots of women. After a short while he bumps into Detective Chloe Decker a single mother of one. Decker is a homicide detective who solves various crimes and mystery. She takes an interest in Lucifer due to his immune abilities and then goes ahead to hire him to work as an assistant with her in the LAPD.

Morningstar is the wisest and powerful angel in heaven, he could manipulate people to carry out his wishes. This angel has no regard for human life he is just after the set of people that he can manipulate. Lucifer gave the magical coin to Malcolm to stop him from shooting him. Malcom is a corrupt detective that works at the Los Angeles police department. Before his death Malcolm tried to reach out to the coin that was supposed to be in his pockets, Lucifer flipped the coin into the air and it was immediately destroyed.

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