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The modern world is changing at a very high pace making vast technological advancements everyday. Industries have grown, more job creation and integration of the whole world into a village. All these have been made possible because of the internet and computers. The internet makes it possible to share communication through different protocols . when you share information you learn, exchange ideas and developing different products and services. This is done using a computer which is that processes and shares information over the internet. There are many types of computers; desktop, portable PC, a smart phone , a laptop, a notebook, a personal digital assistant and many more.

Many careers have come up with the development of computers and the internet. For instance companies creating computers and internet service providers that is just but to mention a few. Just like cars different computers have different features and preference levels. Depending on what you want your computer to do then you will make the choice of which computer to purchase. Apple and Mac book are the best computers today in the market though their prices are fairly high. But what is to stop you from spending substantial amount of money on a quality product.

Mac book computers are made from metal and not plastic giving them a strong build quality. The keyboards have an inbuilt back light which is perfect for someone working at night. Mac book software and hardware run together harmoniously without the computer freezing or crashing midway. The batteries can run up to 7hr straight without charging and for 5 hours straight when WiFi connected for a period of up to 3 years after the year of purchase. Additionally Mac book computers come with a retina screen which gives the best resolution of any computer.

However with all this perks a Mac book can fail and not function just like any other computer. Either the adapter renders useless , battery failure or the whole computer crashing. A laptop adaptor is the sealed box where all the wires carrying charge from power source to your computer meet. They take a high volt convert it to a lower one from AC to DC depending on the adaptor design and as such different laptop use different adaptors.

If the adopter is not working the computer battery cannot charge and without power it cannot function. Adaptor failure can be caused by factors such as power surges which lead to the adaptor frying up or being cut, worn out, or shortened out . Good news is you can buy a new adaptor from your computers manufacturer or even third party sources.

The Mac book pro charger, AC 85 watts power adopter magsafe 2 is the most recommended to purchase for Mac book computers. But not all Mac book computers use the same connector; magsafe or magsafe 2. They literary do the same work but appear totally different magsafe is white in colour while magsafe 2 is silver with a slimmer connecting extension. All Mac book produced after mid 2012 use magsafe 2 connectors while those made before the mentioned period use magsafe. With this knowledge before buying an adopter check first which year your computer was produced.

This particular adopter is perfect since the AC is 85 watts meaning it can perfectly be compatible with any computer unlike others with lower voltages. You can also check the voltage of your AC on the side of your original adopter. The material making the adopter is Eco friendly PVC material which is strongly built to withstand incorrect voltages, short circuiting as well as internal overheating. It lights green when the battery is full and amber when its charging. The adopter is 4 feet long and works perfectly with the same original extension cord. Its designed such that you can wrap it using the Velcro strap to package it carefully and nicely for storage. It comes with a 1 year warranty plus a lifetime customer service on call 24/7.

If you buy the adopter and are not satisfied with the product you can send it back and they will refund you back the money you spent without asking questions. Their delivery is perfect at most two working days or even less and in the product arrives in perfect state.

According to customer reviews the adopter works perfectly like the original Apple charger and the prices are fairly favourable. They are designed in a sleek , stylish and does not stick out when plugged. They have a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on the company website. This should be enough that buying this product will be worth every dollar you spend buying it make the purchase today.

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