Review NEW Microsoft Surface Go 2 – 10.5

Founded in the mid-20th century by two people who have run it since. Its principal focus has been the production of various products in the technological world. It was ranked as among the best industries that develop excellent machines and products for its customers. They have produced software that is being used to run the machines, the operating systems. Some of its most used products are Internet Explorer and the office suite.

Its dominance in the market developed when they produced the Microsoft -DOS. This was an operating system that was used in running computers back then. As time passed, they upgraded this system too much faster versions that are used by almost all computers. They ventured into Xbox games and other products that have been used in the market since. The company is yet to release the Microsoft Surface Go 2 touch screen computer.

Microsoft Surface Go 2 comes with a battery life of up to 10 hours without being charged while it is functioning fully. This makes it durable and suitable to use in areas that don’t have a constant supply of electricity. Also, you can perform heavy functions like browsing, sending emails, and even shopping online. The tablet is easily portable because of its lightweight, hence comfortable. They have embedded the lithium battery which is lighter than other batteries in this product to ensure its light.

It comes with a random access memory of one hundred and twenty-eight gigabytes. This is a good space for the storage of your files. Which, will ensure that you don’t have to worry about having to buy external hard disks? Helping you in saving money to buy other things that might come in handy and arrives in dimensions of 8 * 11 * 2 inches (20*28*5 centimeters).

They wouldn’t have to worry about ways in which they can carry it. Do you give presentations? This product is very suitable for you since you will carry it with you while giving the presentation, without having to worry about the weight. Microsoft Surface Go 2 arrives in a color of silver, which is a comfortable color to look at. It comes with an operating system installed in it so you don’t have to buy from different shops. Which, will help you in saving costs from having to purchase them.

The product is suitable for those who work in offices, for they can use it to perform various functions. Its functions will be varied because it is accompanied by a Microsoft Office suite installed in it. You can, therefore, make presentations in PowerPoint, type documents in word. And even do mathematical calculations in excel and other components of Microsoft Office. Windows 10 comes with several other advantages embedded in it.

This product comes with a splendid display for the viewer to watch their favorite movies and programs. It is also having a warranty that will ensure that in case you develop any technical hitches. Before the end of the warranty, you can return the product for repair by the company. Without you incurring any cost of repair. It is suitable for use by the entire family, school-going children, those who work in the offices, and everyone else in varied fields.

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