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Review on I Love You, Funny Bunny

I Love You, Funny Bunny is a kid’s book that is excellent to read with your kids maybe during your free time or bedtime. It is a book written by Sean Julian which can help improve your relationship with your kids or grand kids. This book helps you to have fun with your kids when you read it, your feeling for them surface and you can appreciate those little cute babies.

The line “I love you, Funny Bunny, from your whiskers to your toes” mother bunny lets her bunny know she loves him. Telling your kids you love them improves your relationship and have a nice life with them. Despite how they behave or appear, you will always value them and love them. They feel appreciated and enjoy themselves even when reading with you. You make them feel special even if they are physically challenged or have any other type of challenge.

“I love the way you hop around and wiggle your cute nose” the little bunny’s mother encourages the bunny to play. As a parent encourage your kids to play with their siblings and friends. They can learn how to socialize with other people and realize their talent. When playing with their friends, talents like playing football, singing, dancing etc can be realized easily. Their personalities are slowly discovered when around other people and you can learn their different personalities.

The other line “I love the way you make me laugh, then melt me with your smile” illustrate that this little bunny makes her mother happy all the time. Having kids in your life is the best thing because your kids make you happy. As you are reading this book, you sometimes tell them how much you love them. They became aware that they make you happy by making you laugh because of their jokes etc. Sometimes they want to have the best behavior to avoid making you angry so that you are not made at them.

“And no one in this great big world can match your sense of style” the mother bunny shows how much she values her bunny. All over the world, no person can compare to the personality of her little bunny. The sense of style of her little bunny is the best from other bunnies. You can tell your little kid how much you love them and you cannot compare in this big world.

“I love you, funny bunny” where mother bunny tells her little kid to emphasize how much and to what extent she loves them. It is important to emphasize to your little ones how much you love the, tell them regularly for them not to forget. Having a family tradition where you always tell your kids that you love them is a nice thing. They also will tell you how much they love you always strengthening your relationship.

Most kids of all ages and sometimes teenagers can use this book to read it to their family and friends. Especially small kids will be excited to read this book around when they are teaching themselves how to read. Also, before they go to bed you can find them reading it because it is short and easy to read.

Some kids will read this book because of the nice pictures that the book has. The images make it to be attracted whereby you want to know more about the book. They will follow the book step by step following the images and having a better understanding of the story.

Parent will purchase this amazing book to help their kids with their reading and also make them and their kids close.Their relationship is improved when they read together various types of materials. This book helps to boost the relations of parents and their kids and let them know how much they love each other.

The book is a good purchase because it does not cost you much to buy, it is cheap to get it. After buying the book, it is delivered to your doorstep after the you have acquired it. Your kids get to the best experience reading the book whereby you will find the reading it many times.

Lastly, it is important for you as a parent to spend as much time as possible with your kids to make sure they are heading in the right way. Involving them with such kid of books help to develop good behaviors and also develop a reading culture.

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