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Our generation today is about empowering women, which has been a step forward to make women feel loved, cared for and appreciated. Many powerful women have shared powerful stories about how they transformed to who they are today and, how their journey gave them strength to soldier on to greater heights. We’ve had women authors with words of wisdom for women who think they are not enough and, who give them hope for a better tomorrow. Well, Elizabeth George happens to be one of those people dedicated to giving women a reason to feel good about themselves everyday by sharing her story and her journey.

From when our daughters, sisters and any girl around you are young, we should take that step to make them feel worthy and beautiful everyday. There a couple of women out there suffering from lack of confidence and, they may have insecurities on how they look, dress and some times from how people view them. Not only women experience this but men too, but women are more susceptible to falling prey to these insecurities. People need constant validation to make them feel like they belong and, that they are a part of something. Well, these one-minute inspirations for women are made to cater for every woman who just wants to feel good about herself and, doesn’t want to keep up with the constraints our societies have put around them.

There are so may circumstances women face out there and, they need to know the appropriate way to respond without feeling that they have been taken advantage of. This book gives you confidence to say ‘no’ when you have to without feeling the need to explain yourself to anyone. It is also a good book to have because it not only guides to be a better version of yourself but to also be spiritual at all times. What does this mean exactly? Well, you don’t have to be facing a problem or an obstacle in your life for you to turn to God. Walk with God at all times in your life and, you will be surprised with the outcomes you get. It is always important for all of us to have something and someone to put our trust in, a higher power we can turn to when we are okay or not.

Elizabeth George has wrote down this book perfectly and, it is suitable for women worldwide. Reading this inspirational quotes and notes will go a long way to improve your outlook as a woman towards people and life in general. Whenever you are feeling down, lonely or sad, this book is the right medicine for you. You will get back up and deal with what’s is bugging you with so much ease. Inspire your wife, daughter, friend or even yourself by getting this book. It is a great addition to your life and, you can use it as a gift idea.

The tons of knowledge that this book provides make it a great buy for women everywhere. This affordable book is a good way to go to build your confidence and, to make you happier today.

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