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Are you in search of a golf ball to carry out your outdoor activities? Then look no further as the srixon balls offers the best quality of balls with a delicate texture. A golf ball is a special type of ball that is used by players to carry out the game of golf. They are produced mainly from plastic and flexible materials which gives it that tough texture but a soft feel. It increases the performance of the players while carying out their best outdoor game. The importance of the plastic in these balls is to prevent it from losing its shape when thrown at a high speed.

Golf is a type of sport which is played in a large open grassland, people who take part in this game are known as golfers. Golfers play by hitting the balls so that it falls directly into a hole, the instrument that is used to move the balls is known as a club. Each open field consists of 18 holes that the players are expected to play on, in cases where the field is not large enough and only contains 9 holes each golfer is then required to play for two rounds inorder to complete the game.

The game begins when the players stand at the teeing ground to take the first swing and then focusing the ball towards the direction of the putting green. Putting green is a part of the land which is situated round each hole and flagsticks in the field. The balls are placed on a pin and then hit with the club in a straight direction. After this is done the player moves to the next hole and carried out the same procedure this all the 18 holes have been completed. Stoking is described as the process of swinging the club at the ball.

There are two major methods of playing this game, they include: the stroke and match method. Match method involves two players or two teams in which they both take turns in swinging the ball. The round can be won when a player carries out the lowest number of strokes in a particular hole. If both teams have the same amount of stroke then it is divided into two parts and the team with the highest number of holes in the game. Stroke method involves the player putting in the ball in each hole and then suming up the total to attain victory. Scoring in this game is referred to as, it is in the range of three to six per pit.

A player is required to have a set of clubs which should not be more than 14 pieced, set of balls and a bag. There are five different types of clubs used in this sport, they include wood that is used to carry out a long-distance shot. Wedge is used to take swings that require a short distance, putters are used to carry out the strokes, iron is used to hit the ball from the fairway to the pit. Srixton golf balls are used to achieve a high rate of accuracy during the game.

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