Review The Daughters of Erietown: A Novel

The book tells the story of a young mother and the different problems that they face in their everyday lives. This novel starts with a young girl that is set to leave her mother and father to begin a new life as a college student. Samantha is a beautiful young girl who have gone through a lot of challenges when she was still a child. This challenges have helped to shape the new life which she is about to begin. She is being taken to her new school which is at Kent state by her parents in their family car.

This story begins with a recollection to the past lives of her parents. Ellie is a young child that has just been abandoned by her parents. She has been left in this world to fend for herself, losing the love of a relative can be a very bad experience that nobody wishes to ever encounter. Her grandparents decide to take up the responsibility of caring for her till she comes of age. They were living and kind folks that were respected by everybody in the town. At this stage of the life they were suppose to be relaxing and waiting for the time that they would pass on to eternal life. The condition of Ellie left them with no other choice but to leave their comfort zone inorder to ensure that the child is well taken care of.

Brick is a boy who grows up in an abusive home, his father has no love for him at all. All the affections were given to his eldest son who was his favorite among the twelve children that he had. Unfortunately for Brick’s father his favorite son was sent to war by the army and ends up being murdered in the war. He also loses his dear wife whom he cherished so much, devasted by this news Brick’s father turn to alcohol inorder to forget about his sorrows, his new lifestyle began to destroy his home and destroy the relationship he had with his children. By the time they both become teenagers Brick and Ellie attends the same academy where they both fall in love with each other.

Love is such a beautiful thing that makes a person feel like a new being, it makes you forget about your worries and all you can ever think of is how to please your partner. The love between Brick and Ellie was the talk of the whole school and the envy of most girls in the school. Ellie dreams of going to nursing school right after she graduated from high school but, her dreams are cut short when she becomes pregnant for her boyfriend. The young teenagers are made to marry due to the unplanned baby. Their lives becomes to change as they both have to struggle to raise their baby. Brick turns to a bad way of life as he begins to consume lots of alcohol and sleep around with lots of women due to the pressure of his marriage. Connie Shultz is the writer of this great novel and a famous publisher as he has written so many interesting novels.

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