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When the thought of security comes into your mind, a person thinks of many things. For example, you can think about the safety of data, property etc. Then the thought of whether to hire a security guard, or put surveillance cameras around contradicts. This makes you to budget according to how you are capable to pay for the service offered. As a result, the newly upgraded Geree Camera was invented to meet the wants, and needs of customers. Especially those having security issues and lack options of how to improve security.

Being an improvement of the previous and has improved and interesting features. The features ensure customer are satisfied meanwhile offering advantageous services. Manufactured by Geree company who realesed the product to the market on” February 27, “2020 to meet customers needs, and wants. The product has a weight of 10 pounces and dimensions that measure 6 × 4 × 3 inches (15 × 10 × 8 centimeters). Due to this, the transportation of the camera has been easy.

Considering the color, varieties of colors are available according to the specifications of the users. In this case, mainly comes in the color black, which readily blends in with the surrounding. Concerning power source, the commodity does not require the use of batteries to ensure proper functioning of the gadget. This is because, the camera relies on direct electric current to function appropriately and to the best performance. It’s a wireless home camera that was installed with 10 pieces of Infrared LEDs.

They measure 850 millimetres in size and extends the range of vision. During the night, the range of vision is extended to a maximum distance of 20 feet (6 meters) in a surrounding that is very dark. This is advantageous as it helps and assumes the role of monitoring burglary and theft activities within or outside the premises, or those after destruction.

Concerning security of the videos recorded by the camera, they have an encryption that proves to be technologically safe and free from risks. Such risks include the video falling into the wrong hands or being accessible to the wrong party. The encryption is advanced to save videos on micro SD cards and the footage can only be accessed by the owner using their account. As a result, none can view your privacy in case the SD card is lost, misplaced or stolen. Camera is equipped with motion detector that instantly activates the sound alert immediately the gadget detects audio and motion. The alarm is activated because the gadget has instant alarm system that quickly responds by sending notifications to owners phone. Enables you to have, and receive activity alerts as they are happening.

This is similar to live-streaming only that in this case, real activities of events that are occurring in your absence. The motion detectors sensibility can easily be adjusted from the comfort of users phone. Has a zoom and 360° camera coverage that offers right angle and a clear view of the surrounding, compound or even the environment in which the product is installed. The camera angle can also be adjusted remotely through the phone to give the owner a horizontal view.

Commodity comes with an easy to set up menu and user-friendly applications that recognizes technology easily. Wi-Fi’s configuration, being an example which makes the setup of the camera to be quick and easy. Since no skills and education background are required to accomplish installation of the gadget. Only 2GHz of Wi-Fi are sustained to connect through the application of the product. This gives 360 views for Androids and PC to support the remote access of the commodity wirelessly from owner’s phone or laptop.

Product being a professional, offers quality services to the users. Comes with a 12_month warranty and support service that functions 24/7 around the clock. The product supports cloud storage and Micro SD card with storage capacity of up to 128 GB. This is meant to safe guard and keep recorded videos safe without fear of running out of space. Manufacturers installed two-way audio communication that allows you to talk to friends and family. The same time, it can allow you to talk, and listen to the camera.

Economically, the commodity is affordable for all classes of users in the economy. This is because the camera is worth its value and lasts longer regarding durability. Mostly, the commodity is used by large business premises that are busy daily. Such business includes airports for example, have to manage large crowds. Meanwhile, the item can also serve well in the homestead environment. Being an upgrade of the previous, the item has competed favorably and earned high ratings in the market. This has enabled the Geree camera to compete fairly with other similar items in the market.

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