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In recent years the world population has become so digitized with the advent of the cell phone, internet and wireless data transfer that personal interaction and private space are becoming something of the past. People no longer immerse themselves in creative activities as everything is now about information, online socializing and productivity. Minds are becoming overloaded, and the era of digital stress is becoming a very real threat. Set against this there is a growing idea of so-called “digital detox”. People are unplugging from the internet and social platforms, cell phones are being switched off and tablets are used rather for reading books, than checking e-mails.

It is with this in mind that Gibson Games introduces the 1000 Piece Jellyfish Jigsaw Puzzle. Gibson Games is based in the United Kingdom and has been proudly producing toys, games, and puzzles since 1919. They are the perfect company for producing puzzles for people who are returning to old popular past times again. Puzzling is once again becoming a popular way of spending time either socially or privately. It is also an excellent way of relieving stress and focusing on the present. Jellyfish Puzzle makes up part of the range of 13 quirky designs, of puzzles known as the White Logo Collection. This collection of puzzles is more geared towards adults as a new generation of puzzlers with more contemporary designs in contrast to traditional scenes.

Gibson Games designed and produced the Jellyfish Jigsaw Puzzle with the help of world-renowned artist, Lara Skinner. Lara Skinner is a London based artist known for her use of kaleidoscopic colors and layered images. She has a degree in Graphic design and Illustration from Camberwell College of Art. One of her favorite fields to work in being the digital medium. Her images are described as being traditional with a contemporary bite. Lara’s influence is evident in the vivid kaleidoscope of colors, used in this underwater image of the jellyfish.

Alex Mustard, a well-known underwater photographer took the original photo of the jellyfish and it was supplied through the Science Photo Library. Mustard has been a full-time underwater photographer since 1994 and has won many international awards for his photos and publications. His photographic work has been compared to that of Jacques Cousteau. The Science Photo Library is the world’s leading supplier of images and videos that relate to medicine and science. Their images are striking in their vividness, depth of detail and sharpness.

The Jellyfish Puzzle together with the rest of the White Logo collection is produced with modern principles of sustainability kept in mind. This is achieved by manufacturing this range of puzzles from 100% recycled board. Gibson Games uses the thickest board available on the jigsaw market for the production of this puzzle. Furthermore, it is packaged and presented in compact boxes that help to reduce unnecessary cardboard wastage. Traditional puzzle boxes were covered in shrink wrap. Taking the problems concerning plastics to heart, Gibson Games now use paper tabs to secure their puzzle boxes.

The 1000 Piece Jellyfish Jigsaw Puzzle comes in a box sized at 9,45 x 2,36 x 9,45 inches, or 24 cm x 6 cm x 24 cm. Once completed the actual puzzle though has a size of 29,5 x 29,5 inches, or 75 cm x 75 cm.

It currently retails for about 40 dollars, making it an affordable purchase that if well looked after, should last you a lifetime if not longer.

Gibson games rate the puzzle for all ages 3 and up, keep in mind though that the puzzle does contain 1000 small pieces and there is choking hazard warning. Keep in mind that this puzzle is targeted at an adult market, and as such might be overly challenging for younger kids.

The 1000 Piece Jellyfish Jigsaw Puzzle is not only good for a “digital detox”, let us not forget rainy days, snow-laden nights, holidays, world pandemics and blackouts. If you are looking for a way to while away the hours without being chained to the digital world, the 1000 Piece Jellyfish puzzle is the ideal way to do it. There is no deadline, no critique, no grey areas of understanding or interpretation. Either your piece fits or it does not, no misunderstandings or interpretations needed.

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