River Phoenix in My Own Private Idaho iconic walking on highway 16×20 Poster

River Phoenix is an animal activist, actor, and musician born in the United States on 23, August 1970. Besides his careers, he has featured in many posters and prints that have a five-star rating and over a million views online. Below is a review of one of the posters that he featured in called My Own Private Idaho iconic walking on highway 16×20 Poster.

In the poster, Phoenix features while walking on a highway with a brown grass plantation on the left and right-hand side of the highway. He walks at the center of the highway and the background behind him is a blue sky with some white clouds. The highway is of black tarmac and yellow strips marked in patterns. From the posture, River phoenix looks like he is on a walk for some reason. He is dressed in black booty shoes, red trousers, a yellow shirt, and a brown jacket. This shows his mode of dressing as he mixes clothes of four different colors.

Additionally, River phoenix is facing downwards as if he is feeling great on his walk while his hair is medium-sized, brown in color, and neat. The white complexion of River Phoenix is visible on his uncovered face and on the hands. He looks as if he is holding a black thing that is not well visible in the photo. Far much behind him also is a huge tree that looks like a canopy and is green in color. River Phoenix’s appearance at the photo in the poster shows his handsome nature.

The price of the poster featuring River Phoenix is customer friendly. This is because the buyer has to make a choice on the quality of the poster they can buy depending on the available cash. However, the more posters you purchase, the higher the price meaning that when you purchase several posters, you get a higher discount.

My own Private Idaho iconic walking on highway 16×20 poster featuring Phoenix has been manufactured using a hardcover paper. This then signifies that the poster is long-lasting in that it does not fade easily, and at the same time is waterproof such that it does not soak when caught by water. Colors used in the photo of the poster are attractive and they make the product look conspicuous.

Where to purchase the poster should not be an issue as it is available offline and online. When you make an order of the poster online, the delivery is free; there is no shipping fee. Also, the delivery takes a very short time as it is fast and timely. Moreover, the poster is covered using a protective casing while being delivered to prevent damages like scratch during the shipping process. However, if you cannot access any online platform, you can go to any accessory shop in town and you will find the poster.

If you have a doubt about the quality of the poster featuring River phoenix, you can read the reviews of the people who have bought it in the past on social media. The social media platforms with the reviews include Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln, and Instagram. Additionally, the poster is good when used in home decors or generally for beautifying walls in places like schools, hospitals, libraries, and offices.

Moreover, River Phoenix is an inspiration to both young and old people through his moves. The fact that he can feature in posters yet he has a high profile career with tight schedules shows his hardworking nature. He shows that people can also venture into other things that make them happy, outside their normal working careers. His mode of dressing in the photo featured in the poster inspires several men who are looking forward to being models with a sense of style.

Phoenix has acted in Television shows like Seven Brides for Seven brothers, His Times, and Robert Kennedy. He has won several awards including the 1989 Oscar award. This shows that River phoenix was a multitalented individual, who not only moved his family, but also changed the view of the society in talent. Unfortunately, River Phoenix died on 31 October 1993 in his home West Hollywood, United States. Despite his painful demise, River Phoenix left a great legacy to be emulated for decades.

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