ASUS C200MA Chromebook 11.6 Inch, Intel Dual Core, 4GB RAM, 16G EMMC TPM (Black) [OLD VERSION] (Renewed)

The ASUS C200MA Chromebook laptop now has a new look and better performance than before. It has a 2 GB RAM which guarantees an exceptional multitasking experience with the computer. Many applications can run without encountering any unpleasant scenerios, like the laptop slowing down at some point or hanging at some time. You can therefore listen to music and similarly, surf or rather browse the internet at high speeds as you want. Also, it is enhanced with better performance features and is unique and is as good as new, readily available on the market. As a result students can comfortably use this laptop to study and carry out their research work.

Moreover, the display from the monitor screen is amazing and has higher resolutions. All your content can now fit on the screen and with so much clarity and you do not have to scroll up and down so much to view all your content. Content writing and editing, for documents or whatever work you will be doing is made easier and faster. It is a dual core device, the dual core is new and therefore better and faster and does not drain excess power from the battery. In fact, the battery has a long life of up to ten hours, this surpasses some latest brands which cannot go beyond three to four hours.

This device is fitted with better heat sinkers and cooling solutions as it does not overheat easily. Noise is also much reduced and therefore, it does not annoy you while working with it. Hence, it can be used in a cool working environment, that is, in an office and other places of work. Weight is not an issue anymore, you can comfortably carry around with you. For instance, you can carry the device to various working appointments all the time. So, work flow is uninterrupted and goes on and on for as long as you desire to perform and enjoy using the laptop.

Furthermore, the operating system is exceptional and much faster than other operating systems. Googel Chromebooks is simpler and more secure and perfectly suitable especially for such an exquisite device. Setting up is easy, all you need is to be in possession of a Google account and other Google products like Google docs and Google photos. With this, you can enjoy the art of smart search, that is, you can search anything using the laptop and get to see all your files and apps. All this is by just clicking the search button on the keyboard and get going.

Has a built-in high definition camera that captures clear and quality images and videos. Hence, you can enjoy video calls or video conferencing if you are employed and are having a business meeting. The built-in speakers are of profound quality and therefore you get clean audio output from the machine. No distortions of any kind can be heard while playing your music. Speakers are strong and can perform over long periods without wearing out or rather, malfunctioning. Equipped with a microphone which is strong enough to capture every detail that you say and with clarity too.

Additionally, this computing machine has an enabled and properly functioning SD card port. Consequently, the device has a powerful AC power adapter to charge the battery in a short time so, do not have to wait for too long to get your device’s battery fully charged. Aside from that, the sixteen gigabyte hard drive allows you to store as much content as you want. You can install games and enjoy the perfect graphics thanks to the installed intel GMA HD graphics module.

Most importantly, it is worth noting that the machine is developed and offers the best you can ever ask for. Availability is not a problem, the commodity is readily on the market and you can get yours while the stock lasts. Anyone can afford to purchase without any difficulties or struggles of any kind. You can as well place your order and get the deliveries done at your most desired location within no time. Another good feature of this renewed item is its durability and strength, that is, you can use the computer for as long as you want without any deterioration in performance.

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