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Sea Life Sea Dragon 3000 F Bright Auto Cob Led Photo-video Underwater Light Kit

With the current advanced technology, photography has become a crucial subject to an extent that people are pursuing degrees and certificates in colleges. Pros and experts of photography have to sit in class so that they can gain more advanced skills. With the availability of numerous photographers today, people still lack the best necessary tools when taking photos either on land or sea. The present electronics in the market do not satisfy the needs of the photographers, some malfunction quickly and cannot be adjusted easily. With this sea life sea dragon 3000 F bright auto cob led photo-video underwater light kit, you will realize the most perfect results that will be liked by many. The light kit was created in a way that underwater photographers will achieve the best through its numerous powerful and strong features, this is unique from what you have used before.

This product was invented on 24th November 2018 and weighs only two pounds, the item is so light that you can carry with ease when going for underwater photography sessions with your crew. Its head was created with aluminium while its body has a poly carbonate make that makes it look appealing. The metal head is free from corrosion and heat, this is important since it makes the kit durable. Its water-proof battery is made of lithium-ion components, remember the battery is removable and can be charged from any electric source. This kit is shipped with a charger and other international plug adapters, you will not have to buy a charger separately, this will save your funds. The battery is indeed incredible, it can stay up to sixty minutes when fully charged and in use. There is a button that you can use for controlling the whole item, with the button you can do various adjustments that you wish.

Its powerful led light of about 3000 lumens features 80 color rendering indexes that bring natural daylight, the brightness and contrast levels are both automatic and adjustable, the system can regulate them on its own or you can do it manually. They can be set at either at 100%, 50% or 25%, this will greatly help in saving of power and extending the life of the battery. When mounting this kit to a camera, you can easily expand with sea life’s flex system of trays, grips and arms. This is a simple process that does not require an expert, any photographer can do it. Its standard 1/4 – 20 tripods can also be used when connecting to a different system, be sure that this will work efficiently. The presence of auto modes such as the auto-flash detect mode automatically turns the lights off in case any external flash is detected. When you are underwater, you will be assured of enough safety because of the pressure release valve that senses any danger.

Do not doubt this item because it is verified by most laboratories, it produces the specified output hence it is fit for human use. The beam angle produces stealthy light that will not scare away sea creatures and animals during photography underground. Its brightness mode easily adjusts to your satisfaction to prevent eye damage and to produce a clear night vision, you will not see any shadows in your images and videos. If by any chance the battery stops functioning or overheats, the kit will release excess gas pressure to make you aware. Despite this item being invented by sea life, you do not have to connect it on sea life cameras only but also on any other camera of your choice. Your underwater photos and videos will look natural with their brilliant colors, they will obviously trend on most platforms. These videos can be used as ads and advertisements on social media, with this lighting you will not be embarrassed at all.

The sellers have done a lot to ensure the efficiency of this kit, tests are done before delivery to overlook how it functions. Most of the purchasers have reviewed it positively and have assured other customers that this kit is worth buying. You will fall in love with your photos and it will contribute in making photography your major hobby. Do not miss this sea dragon lighting by sea life, it is a nice purchase.

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