Sennheiser Pro Audio (XSW 2-865-A)

Are you looking to purchase an affordable vocal system for on-stage use? While there are very many options on the market, the XS Wireless 2 could be the perfect fit. The Sennheiser Pro Audio (XSW 2-865-A) is a state of the art wireless microphone system that boasts of sophisticated features while remaining simple to use. This mic set offers unmatched flexibility and simplicity and is an upgrade from its predecessor, the XSW 1 series, as it has advanced features.

It consists of an e865 capsule, an LCD, and 12 compatible channels; hence, it captures every detail perfectly. The system can also withstand the pressure that comes with everyday use on stage; therefore, it is best suited for on-stage vocals. This microphone set is designed to meet the requirements of various users, including musicians and presenters. If you have a gig and need a wireless microphone system, the ZSW 2-865-A would be a great buy.

In the box, you get an EM-XSW 2 receiver, one handheld transmitter SKM 665-XSW, one MZQ 1 mic clamp, and one Power Supply NT 12-5-CW. A pouch, two AA batteries, a rack mount kit, and a user manual are also provided. The receivers weigh about 680 grams and measure approximately 200 x 42 x 47mm. Switching bandwidth of the mic is up to 24 MHz, and its audio frequency response is 80 to 16,000 Hz. The microphone weighs around 245 grams and has dimensions of 260 x 50mm. It is powered by two AA batteries and can operate for up to 10 hours.

Everyone likes a gadget that is easy to use, flexible, and dependable. The XS Wireless system is impressive as it is simple to operate and is also built to last. With this set, you can have things up and running real quick. The removable antennas enable more rapid installation making the handling of the device easy. You can make use of the LCD to manually set up your channel.

The unit is built to endure any pressure with the transmitter and mic being sweat-resistant. Housing the receiver is a metal casing; consequently, the system can withstand any stress during use. The XSW 2-865 is fitted with e865 capsules that offer excellent live performance. These evolutionary capsules are designed to withstand harsh on-stage conditions while capturing every single detail. The capsule applies the best condenser in microphone tech to achieve the best sound quality.

Its super-cardioid pick-up pattern yields high response and great feedback rejection. This makes it suitable for vocal and speech transmission. It also has a high resistance to noise, producing consistent sound with ease. Whether you are an entertainer, moderator, or songster, you can rely on the XSW 2-865 for smooth transmission.

Extraordinary sound quality at affordable pricing. The Sennheiser brand is well known for its expertise and experience in the creation of wireless and wired systems for an extensive assortment of users. For example, instrumentalists worldwide know that the Evolution wired 600/800 series offers perfect sound. With the goal of shaping the future of audio, the brand has created this wireless system that offers outstanding performance. For any buyer, the best part is that alongside the great products provided, the prices are affordable. The XSW 2-865 offers excellent value for your money, given the incredible specs it possesses.

Hallmarks of the Sennheiser Pro Audio XSW 2-865 include the following specs. It has an exceptional sound quality featuring the e865 Sennheiser microphone capsules and a true diversity receiver with a tough metal casing (robust ABS),

The mic and transmitter are resistant to sweat. This system has up to twelve compatible channels in a stable ultra-high frequency (UHF) band and external removable antennas. The product has been rated 4 stars out of 5, which is a rather impressive rating. This is a clear indication that buyers of this wireless mic set were impressed by it.

Whether you are an upcoming artist or a well-established entertainer, this microphone set is suited for your performance needs. With the Sennheiser XSW 2-865 offering unmatched sound quality, you would never have to worry about your equipment. All you will have to think about is your presentation and how to make it perfect. With an incredible vocal system such as this, nothing could go wrong. Even on a busy stage, this system guarantees the best on-stage performance.

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