Shadows Rising; World of Warcraft-Shadowlands

Once again this novel is another great job from the one time New York Times Best-seller Madeleine Roux. If are familiar with her works, you’d be able to guess how interesting this particular work would be. This new story on Shadowlands can keep you stuck to the pages of the book. With mixture of suspense, betrayal and several climaxes that makes up the book, it indeed makes for a wonderful read. Most stories would try to tell some history to bring you up to speed with the next happenings in the book; this one rather jumps right into it. Shadowlands storyline begins immediately you start reading the first page.

The story related to two mighty empires that seeks to dominate each other; the alliance and hoards. Since either couldn’t win the war, they decided to vote for peace; even if it’s the most unlikely of happenings. With the leaders of the groups seeking for somewhat peace, there are those who have lost more than they bargained for during the war, and were not planning to just forget those incidents like they never occurred. A wonderful touch to the story is the life passed to it by the author of the book, you can actually feel the characters come to life as you read through. It’s a rather captivating way of winning your audience, and was shown clearly in Shadowlands.

Unlike some novels, there are many characters to follow in this one; the author gives every reader to live and feel each character. You get to see the unfolding events of each character; which is pretty cool and unique. The book is quite betweeen this world and the next, this is why a great deal of unpredictability was added to it; you might not be able to guess what the next event will be. This alone keeps readers stuck on the pages; as several audiences usually prefer being kept on their toes throughout a read. The Aliance and Hoads seeks to make peace, as you read you’ll discover that peace would only be an outcome when several milestones are achieved.

Notably, this storybook stands on its own, and it’ll not be a requirement to understand the next series of the book. It’s so easy and clear to understand. This would add a great deal of knowledge and experience to you whenever you decide to play the games. One nice feature of the novel is the fantastic manner with which the characters were portrayed; without having to change the language or tone of the story. No single character was forgotten, and all played key roles in making this worth your time. By reading this, you’ll add more depth to your gaming experience because this book sets up issues that further advanced during the gameplay of Shadowlands.

It’s amazing how only by reading, you can capture which type of character is currently at the scene. The author created a level of uniqueness around each character that just reveals them immediately to get to their part of the novel. There’s usually no need for announcing them, you can know which figure is talking; this, you might find pretty cool. You may observe that reading is smooth, in addition to a nice flow, there are bits of humor as you read along. There’s a fantastic mix of action, suspense and comedy, as the book shows a high level of desperation; desperation to bring Silvanus to justice. It. brought about the darker sides of this novel as you’ll see most characters going to certain lengths to get justice.

This book makes for a wonderful read, and you can find it online or as an audiobook; where it will be read to you. You can also contact your local bookshop if are any copies; you will not regret reading this book. When you purchase this, you’ll finally have a taste of this intriguing yet fantastic story; one that just get right to it, with all the action, suspense, dark events and comedy. The author Madeleine Roux captured her audience with this story that pictures crisis between powerful people, and shows the audience the point of view of each one. In addition, she showed the uniqueness of every character in the novel and how the sequence of events affects them.

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