Sony ECM55B Electret Condenser Lavalier Microphone, Black

The biggest advantage of the lavalier microphone is of course hands-free, which means that if you don’t have a hand-held microphone, you will run into all possible problems. However, they do have some problems, one of which is external noise. The power of this microphone is equally good, the windshield eliminates almost all external interference. And the appearance of the microphone is so small, light and discreet. The 1, 2m long reinforced Kevlar fiber armored cable has long durability and superior strength. This cable has been tested and can withstand a pressure of 10 kg.

Therefore, this will ensure that any weak connections do not affect their performance. Sony has produced more than 5 million professional ECM (Electret Condenser Microphone) microphones and Sony ECM55B electret condenser lavalier microphones, black is a universal voice model at a reasonable price. The ECM55B is the XLR version with a power barrel and can be used as a wired mic. This black Lavalier Microphone from Sony is a cheap alternative to traditional handheld ones. “Hands free” ergonomics allows presenters to focus on their performances while having interviews or presenting before a wide range of their guests or watching/ listening audience. Regardless whether you are in front of the camera or you found yourself in an industrial/professional interview, this microphone device will help you to create a neat and important image.

It’s generally hard to get the best quality vocal mic, but this black Sony ECM55B can help you in achieving the cherished results. The microphone capsule is designed for conventional voice pickup with intermediate frequency enhancement features and sufficient frequency response. Omnidirectional polar mode will pick up sounds from all directions, eliminating the problem of sound loss caused by changing the subject’s position. Additionally, if the power is suddenly cut off, the machine automatically saves all jobs in the file, so that it is not lost. In most cases, the minimum cost of collars is much higher than physically larger models, and the lower the security is weak, the better.

One of the things that are more interesting about the ECM55B is that its outlook is quite similar to the ECM44B, but the sound quality is greatly diverse. The sound of the ECM55B is round and smooth, and the midrange and the bass are more crucial. Compared to the ECM44B, the ECM55B has better clarity in the mid and treble. The specifications of the two microphones indicate this: the first microphone has a maximum frequency of 15 kHz, while Sony’s Lamari ECM55B electret condenser microphone has a maximum black frequency of 18 kHz.

It turns out that the Sony ECM55B black electret condenser microphone is superior to previous models and can be used under a cupboard. Your greater attention to frequency will penetrate the structure better. The price of the ECM55B is much lower than that of most other professional lavalers on the market. ECM55B has the smoothness of some other backhand amplifiers on the market, and it looks so balanced and can be used in almost any situation.

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