Review 2020 Lenovo Chromebook N22 11.6 Inch Laptop with Webcam, Intel Celeron up to 2.0 GHz, 4GB LPDDR3 RAM, 16GB SSD, WiFi, HDMI

Millennial and folks of the generation-X grew up or are growing under the influence of technology. In fact, your daily activities whether at home or at work requires the use of certain gadgets that access Internet. With this in mind, folks of the aforementioned cadre are surfing the internet in search of devices that meet their needs and pegged at an economic price. If you fall in the above category, you would want to consider the Lenovo Chromebook N22.

In purchasing a laptop, there are certain features to consider, which includes: top on the list is screen size. Potential laptop users like you consider screen size; this Chromebook is about 11″ making light weight and portable as well. A device of such screen size is handy for you, if you travel a lot or perhaps, you work on the go. Furthermore, you need to be keen about the operating system present on the device; this Lenovo N22 runs a chrome operating unit that is Google related applications are pre-installed. If you are keen or a lover of windows, it allows for Windows and Microsoft related applications to be installed easily, you certainly are gifted with an array of options purchasing this product.

What then are the advantage of opting for a Chromebook? Experts have suggested that this operating system supporting improved battery life of devices. This product promises user, which is you over 8 hours of use, so, for freelancers; who work on the house, you never need to worry about battery going flat, expect to work for hours unending. With the inbuilt webcam, opting to use applications like Skype and zoom is feasible. Now, that everyone including you are exploring the virtual space; that is keeping tabs with friends and family or even business can be achieved without hassles.

The product’s screen is not touchscreen making certain graphics able to be executed. Lenovo Chromebook N22 operates on an Intel Celeron having about 2 cores; this processor is for you, if you write, check news or even receive mails and the likes. This process make not perform excellently with multi-threading application like Photoshop editors. Albeit having over 16 GB SSD offers you, more storage space to accommodate more data or documents and with a 4 RAM, assuring you of smooth and faster response rate. You need to be aware that there multiple connectivity available on the product; having a USB 3 slot, this offers faster data receipt and connects to Wi-Fi as well.

Having a Bluetooth 4 offers you the opportunity to connect to your different Bluetooth enabled devices. HDMI slots are present to connect to display units and audio jack for your headgears or headsets. A 32 GB MicroSD is present in product’s package; this further offers you more external storage space, certainly, you open to store just about anything you desire. Since, this product is a renewed or upgraded version; the design team assured you the user, that series of quality tests have been carried to ascertain quality of product. With that in mind, you have a 90 days warranty for this device.

Finally, this product is endowed with several features to meet your need and valued at an economic price; just order immediately and start enjoying digital life.

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