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Do you have an active dream of a charger that can charge your iPhone within the shortest time possible? In a century and a decade in a generation where everything is fast like ours, there is simply no point charging your phone for hours. Fast is the common word in the dictionary of this generation and in this case, anything iPhone has set that pace. There is no blame to the fact that everything has to be fast, you only need to adapt to the trend and be relevant. Your iPhone 11 Pro Max deserves a charger that operates in its pace.

iPhone charger cord 4pack with MFi certified lightning fast phone charging cable, is in a perfect compatibility with your iPhone 11 Pro Max. In it, you have hybrid 3-in-1 braided USB cable and it is 2020 model. It comes in four different lengths tailored to your needs; there is 6feet, 4feet, 3feet and 2feet for comfort and accessibility when charging. A well built-in premium quality pure copper core with a 40% charging faster and more secure. With 8 pin lightning connector, it perfectly fit into your iPhone port and ensure effective data sync and current charge.

It is More convenient to enjoy data sync and charge anywhere at anytime. You can conveniently use it at home, in your car, your office or at outdoors. With assorted lengths, it can cover all your daily charging demands, and there is no need to worry about the distance from your devices during charging. There is a simple promise of a recommendation from you once you try this product. In consideration during design, your comfort and convenience has been factored in which means it’s beauty and it’s credential ratings all over is all for your need to be generously satisfied. Do you even know that the product rarely wear out in its beauty?.

With its nylon coat and simple cleaning of it surface just once in blue moon preserve the material for as long as you could imagine. The material doe not fade nor wear out of use because it is truly fashioned out of aluminum core. It’s realizability is next to none and it’s speed at charging us in a class of second decade 21st century design. Not only has the designers ensured durability and speed. But takes beauty seriously into consideration and this is the reason why they come in varieties of color meant for your suitability.

Virtually, all users of iPhones can use this product as it is compatible with virtually all of them. The charger is compatible with iPhone 11, 11 Pro Max, X Max, XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the list continues down to iPhone SE. It is also compatible with iPad Air, Air 2, that is iPad mini, mini 2, mini 3 and mini 4. Highly compatible with iPod nano that is the 7th generation and iPod touch which are the 5th and 6th generation. Finally, it is compatible with all iOS8, iOS9, iOS10, iOS11, iOS12 devices. This is to ensure that as long as you are using an iPhone product, it will be useful all round for all of the product.

The high quality aluminum shell and tangle free nylon braided design makes the which makes the cable more sturdy promises a note of durability. More to this, is the fact that it flexible l, softer, lighter and incredibly more durable than original cables. In order to avoid bent damage, the high quality nylon braid on the cord provides timeless protection for the cable. Also, the aluminum casting and tough nylon braiding allows for multiple usage per day without fear of damaging. It is also moderate and easy to carry with extreme lightness. Highly flexible in shape which is meant to be conveniently put in your bag without any form of feeling of heaviness.

On the over all rating, there can be many cords and cables out there. But if you have not tested this particular product then you have not really felt what speed and durability means. You really need to have a feel for yourself before you can truly understand. The only thing that will be required after your purchase is that you recommend the product to your friends and family.

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