Super Micro Computer CBL-SAST -0556 cable

Super Micro computers is a company that is based in Silicon Valley, America. It was founded in 1993, they make different types of useful hardware such as cables, data servers and are also into cloud computing. Their transition into the cable production business has been a successful one, with various brands of beautifully designed high-speed cable for different uses. They’ve been in the market for 27 years and their products are trusted by people because of their professional design and performance ability. In 2013, they released their cable to the market, the SUPERMICRO Computer CBL-SAST-0556 Internal Minisas HD to 4 SATA with Sideband 90/75/75 Cm Cable.

The Super Micro computer cable allows for internal minisas with 4 SATA with other sideband connections for data storage. An impressive modern feature, this gives the cable the more added options for storing files. The cable was made from copper, which is a resilient material, for more durability and to make it last longer. Super Micro computers takes pride in their products, so they take their time to make sure all their products meet the market quality standards. This version of their cables is certified and complies with the T10 and SFF standard of cables. With a slim size the cable has a length of 90 cm but is also available in 75 cm length.

This piece of hardware can be connected to your personal computer or laptop, a motherboard, other servers or any other hardware with connectivity options. It gives a fast internet connection of up to 10G network speed when connected to any Ethernet network device. This added network speed is another unique feature of this cable, it is useful for people who need access to fast and uniterupted browsing time. External cards can be used with the Super Micro computer cable as well. Verified with the Super Micro computer servers; AOC cards and other storage mediums.

Its 4 SATA ports allows for added connection options with fast transfer speed for quick data transfer to other hardware. The sideband was added for the addition of external storage options such as cards for better data storage options. Super Micro computers are known to be environmentally friendly when creating their products and this product is one of them, it passes its environmental certification. The cable has a limited 3-year warranty period so as long as the warranty isn’t voided the cable can be replaced by the company and it is certain to last for its stated three years.

A multipurpose cable for data transfer and storage, and connection, it is perfect for performing different tasks smoothly and efficiently without any problems. Connection to computer servers is supported with this cable, with a fast data transfer speed, making it good for people who manage high amounts of data daily. Super Micro computer has really delivered on this product with wonderful features added to make it one of the best cables available on the market. A cable for multipurpose uses and can be purchased at a cheap price.

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