SYOURSELF Cooling Towels

SYOURSELF, an instant cooling towel that assist in adjusting temperature after work out. The towel can be worn by the neck or head as neck headband or bandana scarf. Keeps you cool after travelling, camping and general body fitness. It quickly remove the body heat and makes you cozy after jogging, doing squats and push ups. My friends and family members have used these towels and it has always worked well for us. Personally, the cool feeling experienced after running on a trade mill keeps me cozy and comfortable. My body heat and temperature is instantly regulated by the SYOURSELF towel.

It is a perfect scarf to protect the back of your neck from scorching sun during summer. This towel folds easily and suits in a pouch, you can walk around or carry it whenever you are on a trip. The soft breathable fabric allows you to breathe with ease when tied around your nose. Perfect for netball lovers for they can carry this towel in their kit bag. It has worked well for me, would definitely recommend this to all sports persons. Gym trainers or football coach can use this towel to cool off after long hours of practise.

The plastic resealable waterproof bag can be used to hold water as a method of preserving water. This bag is advantageous while camping in desert areas for water will be well reserved for future use. It can also be used to prevent high fever and regulate normal body temperature. Prevents headaches by protecting our heads from direct sun rays. Its lightweight makes it portable and ensures the towel suits in the waterproof pouch. Works by soaking, wringing out and snapping, the polyester made material absorbs sweat and quickly remove the body heat.

Be certain of the high-quality, soft, smooth and breathable softcool extreme which prevents water from dripping. Exists in varieties of colors Garry, blue and geo among others. Easy to clean using machine, does not fade or get bleached although it must be gently cleaned. It can be used by every gender and age even pets can also use this towel. The towel is long to be wrapped around your neck or head as scarf creating a unique fashion with its beautiful colors. They are designed in a suitable way to prevent the edges from unraveling. Perfect for your body hygiene and general health for it can be used to people with fever, migraines and blocks sweat from dripping to your clothe.

You are provided with a waterproof bag and carabiner to store the towel and attach the hook to your bag. Women can use it in the kitchen to cool off the heat in their body while cooking. Caregivers and mothers will use the towel to minimize their babies fever and regulate their body temperature. Purchase this for your family, wife, baby, sport enthusiasts, gardener, chief chefs and people who sweat a lot. The product is affordable at a great price and suits every class of people. Keep your loved ones cool all day with this reusable towel during summer.

Gym sessions are amazing with SYOURSELF, carry the towel in your kit bag and upgrade your fashion taste as far as gym is concerned. Men look extremely hot with this towel on their neck and sweatpants. You can hug them immediately they complete their workouts, the towel will absorb the sweat. Families enjoy hot days because they are comfortable with this towels. Those with migraine problem can reduce it by placing this towel on their forehead. Kids can be treated quickly before rushing them to hospitals if they have fever.

For instant cooling, fashion, comfortable fit, versatile and top quality purchase this towel. It is of great value and instantly works magic when placed on your neck or head. Do your jogging, squats, gardening and magic in the kitchen without worrying about the excess heat or sweat emitted by the body for SYOURSELF. This is a suitable gift for your family during summer vacations, Christmas holiday and gym trainers. Purchase it and get the waterproof pouch as a free bonus attached with carabiner. SYOURSELF keeps you comfortable and cozy all day, motivates you to do your exercise with passion and zeal bearing in mind the good feeling experienced with the headband or scarf.

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