Review: Dell Latitude 14 7000 7480 Business UltraBook – 14in (1366×768), Intel Core i5-6300U, 256GB SSD, 8GB DDR4, Backlit Keys, Webcam

Having a good device that functions well makes work easier and faster for you, this gives good and better working experience that makes your work efficient and organized. People into various businesses like to have good products that would last for long and meet up with their daily needs. Getting a good laptop is important to give the best comfortable working experience you desire. Therefore, if you want to get a good device with such quality, then the Dell Ultra book business laptop is the right choice for you to go for. This laptop offers you a long-lasting battery life and the display you ever wanted.

If you want a good PC with the best display option then you need this laptop. The ultra book makes every detail clear and it has more cool features like its webcam and fingerprint sensor to enable a very high security level. This Dell latitude is available to everyone who wants to get high-quality laptop and not only available to people into businesses. It can be used by schools, graphic designers, game developers, and many others. Dell Ultra book is a top-notch device with a full HD display to give the best visual quality you expect. It gives maximum brightness level and excellent color production, and it uses an Intel HD graphics card good enough to run various applications.

This business Ultra book PC has a 60wh battery which can last for a long period of time before charging because of its ultra-low voltage (ULV). The sound quality of this business ultra book is good in both low, mid and high frequencies, dell latitude 14 comes with an installed WINDOWS 10 pro software with a ram of 8 GB and HDD of 256 GB large storage capacity which can save lot of files and documents as it is a business notebook. Latitude 14 has support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LAN connections, it has three USB ports, 3 5 mm audio speakers, LAN port, HDMI port, card reader slot and a black lit keyboard.

With the 256 GB ROM, you can store files conveniently on this system and supports the use of TF card to store files and documents. The CPU frequency of this unique computer is equipped with 2 5 GHz Intel i5 6300u. This Dell lithium ion battery can last for an average of two hours without charging. It features a webcam that can be used for video calls during meeting which is one of the important features a business Ultra book should have. Dell Ultra book has a 3 5 mm audio speakers, and has a microphone jack for voice recognition or recording with headphone port. The 8 GB RAM installed make programs work smoothly and efficiently without any lagging and gives it the ability to multitask. Latitude 14 business Ultra book is a good standard PC with all the qualities a business Ultra book should have, this awesome device makes work easier and faster with all the cool features.

Dell latitude 14 is a good PC in which quality is guaranteed, as dell is known for producing good and affordable products, this wonderful ultra book is not an exception. When looking for a business Ultra book, Dell latitude 14 is the best affordable high standard product to go for. The price range is wonderful and affordable for a business type notebook with such high features like its display, 8 GB RAM that makes work smooth. Dell Ultra book 256 GB storage for saving files, 60wh lithium battery, 3 5 mm audio jack and so many more abilities a business class notebook should have. The design and construction of this device gives you a comfortable and good grip when using it, the Dell latitude 14 is constructed with aluminium blend and it is a lightweight device. This beautifully made Dell Ultra book can be ordered online or gotten in any computer store, and you can also purchase it as a gift for your loved ones.

Business latitude Ultra book is not limited for business only, the notebook can be used to watch movies in HD (high definition) and can also be used to play games even as this business Ultra book is not a gaming system. When looking for best standard ultra book, you can always trust Dell to give you what you need.

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