27 Jun 11

Kenwood JE550 Electronic Juicer

The Kenwood JE550 Electronic Juicer, 200W produces fruit and vegetable juice in seconds and features a two-speed control to allow it to process either hard or soft items. To keep juice pure, it features a hard wearing stainless steel filter. The unit is easily disassembled, enabling thorough cleaning. The JE550 measures 24.5 x 16.5 x 29 cm, weighs 2.5 kg and is available in white.

Price: $ 24.99
Sold by Kitchen Fun

51Bmzqec6ZL. SL75  Kenwood JE550 Electronic JuicerMake: Electronics (Learning by Discovery)
“This is teaching at its best!” -Hans Camenzind, inventor of the 555 timer (the world’s most successful integrated circuit), and …
41SSFQ26ZEL. SL75  Kenwood JE550 Electronic JuicerElectronic
This two-man Manchester supergroup-New Order’s Bernard Sumner and the Smith’s Johnny Marr-made one of the best debuts of the ’90…
417zKnxyCHL. SL75  Kenwood JE550 Electronic JuicerFranklin Merriam Webster Spanish English Dictionary (DBE-1500)
Now you can communicate effectively with clear, concise definitions and translations from Merriam-Webster. This portable dictionar…

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25 Jun 11


List Price: 12.49
Price: 8.93

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7 May 11

A few nice electronic images I found:

Electronic Sackbut
3324110118 33ac342b8a Electronic Sackbut

Image by cstmweb
Artifact No.: CSTM 1975.0336
Date: 1945-1948
Source: National Research Council of Canada

The Electronic Sackbut was designed by Hugh Le Caine at his home studio in Ottawa, Ontario, beginning in 1945 and completed in 1948. In 1954 Le Caine began to work full time on electronic music in a new lab at the National Research Council (NRC). His Sackbut was then brought to the NRC for further development. Of four versions of the Sackbut, this is the oldest model that survives. Le Caine’s Sackbut used an entirely different method of sound generation and control – voltage control – a method that later became the standard approach in electronic music. Because it pioneered this technique, the Sackbut is considered to have been the first synthesizer. This technique provides an automatic background voltage that can remain stable or change according to the needs of the user. The performer’s physical actions, in changing the positions of keys or knobs, are translated into changes in the pre-existing voltage, and these changes in turn are used to affect many different aspects of the sound produced by the instrument.

Canada Science and Technology Museum

Learn More

Electronic Violinist
3392624617 f5c9327469 Electronic Sackbut

Image by Delusion Productions
Electronic violinist jumping around to in spandex. He’s entertaining and a really great musician. He’s at Union Square.

Electronic Voting panel
3069449070 4c6ed83fed Electronic Sackbut

Image by ScottMJones
Aaron Ruscetta discusses serious concerns with electronic voting.

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21 Dec 10

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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11 Dec 10

Question by Solo Joe: Anyone know of any major authors who refuse to sell out to Kindle and other electronic “book” devices?
Electronic “books” (digital downloads) are obviously detrimental to literature and the world of publishing in so many ways. That’s a fact. But most authors are lured into it by more profits. Self publishing crackpots and gadget lovers are also huge advocates for it.
Nevertheless, does anyone know of any major published author who has refused to go to digital downloads?

Best answer:

Answer by Kelley
JK Rowling – I suppose she’s made enough profits that making a legal e-book available isn’t necessary.

On the other end of the spectrum, Stephen King published a novel (I think it was serialized) called The Plant that was only available for download, asking for a $ 1 payment per download. He did this long before e-readers were popular, in 2000. He also published UR strictly for the Kindle in 2009.

Give your answer to this question below!

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1 Nov 10

£15 – BOOTS ELECTRONIC Talking Fly &

BOOTS ELECTRONIC Talking Fly & Go Globe, This is a used but in excellent condition educational toy which has a joystick that controls a plane to fly around the globe to any country chosen. It has three different game modes to play. It requires 4 AA batteries, immaculate, , £15.00 , Sittingbourne, 0704XXXXXX.

Price: £15


Sittingbourne, GBR

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