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30 Jun 11

Question by Hagi: The tag For my Levi’s says to dry “tumble dry hot” does that mean “high heavy”?
cause my dryer has low press med press and high heavy

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Answer by Martha
yep that would do it if you want to shrink your jeans down a bit.

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1 Apr 11

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23 Oct 10

3883150744 63ff9faaff m Gas prices are likely to soar by maybe 70%, then remain high: any comments or tips @ cooking & heating homes??

Question by yabbadabba3: Gas prices are likely to soar by maybe 70%, then remain high: any comments or tips @ cooking & heating homes??
Gas prices are likely to soar, then remain high, it is reported.

Channel Four News said it had seen an internal report for the company Centrica which suggested gas prices could rise by 70%.

Jake Ulrich, managing director of Centrica Energy, told the programme: “I think it is going to hit people hard.”

He admitted that gas price rises were likely to lead to a “potentially significant” rise in the number of people in fuel poverty.

And he predicted people would have to change their habits to deal with higher prices.

“I do think we will see people change their behaviour, I think people will use less energy and I hate to go back to the Jimmy Carter days in the US but maybe it’s two jumpers instead of one.

“I think people will change the temperature they keep the house, they’ll be more cognisant of energy waste, they’ll buy better appliances.”

Gas prices are likely to remain high in the foreseeable future, he said. “The pressure is going to be upwards – BBC ‘Have yourSAY


I must go

Do google energy saving tips

& silly season hot air expands so fast
MC If ‘choose as best …..’ was on now, you’d be it

Well done everyone else too

Of course, ‘there’s always one’


Edit in correction if I’m wrong

Warmer summers can often mean colder winters: that’s the time that hypothermia kills so many OAPs


Anyone feel like a cheery Cheshire Set lunch @ the lovely, centrally placed bistro @Widnes Market?

See http://www.multimap.com

& maye take a brolly for ace evening of rock @ Trentham Gardens, Stoke?

Google Adoration 08

& http://www.routefinder.co.uk



Adoration 08, Stoke-on-trent – Last.fm

Last.fm concert page for

The London Community Gospel Choir at Trentham Gardens (Stoke-on-trent) on 18 Jul 2008. With Jars of Clay, Yfriday, The Gentlemen, …

http://www.last.fm/event/652458 – 57k
I’ll stay in as The New Royals just start @ True Movies 2


Best answer:

Answer by miss curious
Check to see if you’re eligible for an isulation grant perhaps?

Also –
– Don’t leave appliances on standby as this uses 70% of the energy that it would when it’s on
– Buy Energy saving lightbulbs. They’re not as ugly as they once were
– Don’t fill the kettle if you are only making one cup of tea, it takes longer to boil
– Opt for showers over baths
– If you have storage heating etc, then do your washing during the off peak times as the rate per unit is lower
– Make sure you put out lights if you’re not in the room
– limit use of security lights – these are high users
– make sure that appliances are switched off or unplugged. Mobile Phone chargers etc still use elec even if they’re not plugged to the actual phone

Hope this helps…

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