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30 Jun 11

Question by Hagi: The tag For my Levi’s says to dry “tumble dry hot” does that mean “high heavy”?
cause my dryer has low press med press and high heavy

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Answer by Martha
yep that would do it if you want to shrink your jeans down a bit.

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18 Dec 10

Question by Brenda: What are some creative/cheap Christmas gifts for my mean, cold-hearted, ingrate of a sister-in-law?
I have a sister-in-law with anger/waving-a-loaded-gun-at-my-brother issues BUT they have recently reconciled and since they’re coming to my house for Christmas I have to get her something. I don’t want to offend her purposefully, but if it takes her a day or two to figure it out, I’m fine with that.

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Answer by Chicken

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