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You probably are looking for a smart TV that gives you the high-definition display, and is large which saves you power. However, this dreams are shattered by high costs of smart TVs that have a wide display, and consumes a lot of power. The TCL Roku Smart 43″ Inch TV is the best smart TV that you can find in the market, and gives you what you are looking for exactly. Moreover, the TV is pocket friendly, and comes with a 43″ screen which is wide enough, and gives you high-quality images. You also do not need to worry about paying higher electricity bills when using the Roku Smart TV.

The TCL Smart Roku TV has a wide display of 43″ with a narrow bezel which gives you clear pictures, and full screen. This is a design which makes the smart TV the best when it comes to watching movies, playing games, and other videos. In addition, the display of the TCL Smart Roku TV has 16 million colours with a refresh rate from 60 Hz up to 120 Hz, and you get to view the screen from any angle without it changing colour. The refresh rates of the TCL Smart Roku TV makes the smart TV suitable for use not only as a TV but also as the monitor of your computer.

Nobody loves buying a TV which lets them down when it comes to audio quality. Audio is an important factor to consider when buying a TV apart from simply watching the TV alone. The TCL Smart Roku TV has high-quality speakers found near the base of the TV that produces high-quality sound with awesome bass, and surround feature. So, if you love playing music, and love super bass, the Smart Roku TV is for you at an affordable price.

One of the other things that people look for in TVs is the wall mounting ability where they mount their TV to the wall, sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. The 43″ Smart Roku TV comes with two stands which can be dismantled, and place your TV on the wall. This is a combo feature of the Smart Roku TV in that, if you do not want to mount the TV on the wall, you can support by the stands at the bottom that are surprisingly stable for the low-priced 43″ TV.

As technology has improved, you can now connect your TV to your phone, and control your TV from your phone. This is a feature that has not been left out by the Roku Smart TV which makes it totally worth buying. However, it is not necessarily a must to connect your Smart TV to your phone to control the TV as it comes with its remote. The TCL Roku Smart TV has a unique remote with only 20 buttons making it simple for users to use. A bad thing about other TVs is that their remotes have so many buttons that it becomes complicated to use your TV.

In addition, when you connect your Roku Smart TV to your phone, you can add your desired extra channels, and enjoy music, and movies you wish. Moreover, you can also browse through your phone, and get it displayed on your TV. The Roku Smart TV also supports the Alexa feature, and the Google Assistant, and you therefore do not need to waste your energy controlling the smart TV with your hands but only your voice. This is a feature that you will rarely find in other Smart TVs whether expensive or cheap making the TCL brand the best.

There are also less connectivity options on your TCL 43″ Roku Smart TV which makes it have less wiring. Apart from the power cable on your Roku Smart TV, the only other cables you would definitely add is the HDMI, and the VGA. Therefore, you can easily connect your computer to your TV, and use it as your monitor while enjoying the Ultra-HD display. The TCL Roku Smart TV also supports reading external drives such as flash disks where your movies, and videos are stored. You therefore do not need to waste more money buying a DVD Player while your Roku Smart TV can be your player too.

Therefore, with the Roku Smart TV’s features, and price, there are definitely many valid points unto why you should buy it. Moreover, the Roku Smart TV has out rated other smart TVs in the market with its awesome design, and superb display. You should probably be buying the Roku Smart TV before looking for other better options in the market while the Roku Smart TV is the best option.

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