Temptations Cat Treats

Do you know that as much you deserve a healthy-life so does your pet?. A way to ensure your pet lead a healthy life is to make sure they are well fed. The best way to achieving this objective is to be a friend with Temptations. With Temptations Cat Treat, you are but a darling to your cat!

Temptations Cat Treats is a product of a deep research on cat feeds, to ensure that cat pet receive adequate nutrition. The expectation is that such nutrition will promote the cat growth and preserve its health capital stock. It is fed especially to adult cats raised at home as domestic pet. They can be offered to cat at all times of the day at lunch, breakfast, or dinner. Temptations Cat Treats can also be given with or without any other product.

This product is given as a balanced ration having being mixed with varieties of highly nutritive food elements. It is manufactured from the combination of the residue of chicken, wheat flour, and ground corn. The product also incorporates minerals such as calcium carbonate, salt, potassium chloride, and vitamin products. Temptations Cat Treats also contains varying degrees of supplement such as vitamin D3 supplements, biotin supplement, and minerals including copper sulphate and potassium iodide among many other constituents. Although the classic is a chicken-flavored product, Temptations Cat Treats can, however, be made in beef-flavored, salmon-flavored, tuna-flavored, and Seafood-flavored.

It is usually made into granules of almost equal size, packed in either plastic container or wrapped in a card pack. Each granule of Temptations Cat Treats has an outer covering that can easily be crushed on chewing. That layer provides a protection for the smooth and flexible inner portion which contains most of the feeds’ nutrients. Again, each of the granules contains not more than 2 unit of energy. The plastic in which the granules of Temptations Cat Treats are kept is usually tightly covered to prevent entry of the ambient air that may cause the spoilage of the product. A single pack of Temptations Cat Treats has 139/1000 m length, 123/1000 m width, and 185/1000 m height. Temptations Cat Treats it is fairly weighed with about 850 g and therefore is handy to carry for any person.

Feeding the Temptations Cat Treats does not require any special procedure and can be handle even by a kid. The container is simply opened and the granules are sprinkled on a bowl for the cat to feed on. Usually, adult cat with a fairly large body size is fed with 10-12 granules per day. This is necessary as excessive feeding of the product to an adult cat may cause overweight, and must therefore be avoided.

For a younger adult, with smaller body size, Temptations Cat Treats is fed abundantly to the pet. The cat that belongs to this age group requires more feeds to increase the pace of its development. Therefore, 1-half of a pack can be fed to the cat, to step up the growth rate of the pet. On each meal occasion, clean adequate water is served to the cat for a complete diet. The water will assist to take down the solid feed and aid instant digestion in its body.

There is no special safety precautions in the application of the product and the disposal of the containers does not constitute environmental hazard. Both the plastic container and the card pack could be burnt or simply discarded to the dustbin. They may equally be recycled or reuse in subsequent feeding.

The product is widely on sale in the market at affordable price and an order could be made online. Sellers offer home delivery within the United States of America to cat owners who may be in remote places. This product is considered the number 1 cat treat in the United State and the manufacturer is rated as the number 39 in the pet supplies. Similarly, the opinions of 5,028 customers show that 92% of the people have rated the product as a 5-star feed. This has given it a rate of 4.9 stars out of the available 5 stars, taking the reviews of the entire customers.

Temptations Cat Treats is the best of feeds you can afford your cat for its maintenance and rapid growth. Within the few times of its sales, the product has pervaded the market to assume the leadership in the industry. An order of a pack of Temptations Cat Treats will go a long way to improving and preserving the health of your cat.

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