TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Bait

Ants can become a nuisance in ones one and can bring more harm to the person, they sometimes are not destroyed by mere insecticides and that’s why a powerful drug to eliminate them is needed. TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Bait Ant Killer,12 count is the solution to all the problems of dealing with the ants. It has different functions which includes, it is capable of destroying the ants you are able to see and the ones that have been hiding and maybe not aware they exist in the house. Has ready to use bait which is able to attract ants, close to it and manages to kill the entire colony. It comes with special sealed station which keeps the bait fresh and uncontaminated until it is opened for use. Its bait stations can be used along all corners and maybe under appliances, also on windows and also wherever the ants maybe found in large number.

It works in a special way to help to completely eradicate the ants simply because this is a bait. You will have to see more ants at the start but this is a perfect picture you need to see and the reason for this is to attract them. Ants always join for food, they are always running to get to the sweet and all sugar like product This are mostly found inside the bait stations. After the ants find the baits, the leading ants run fast and consume it and tend to leave behind a mark leading back to the colony. This marks allow other searching ants in the place know where the now discovered food supply is. And this is the reason why you will see more ants camping in the beginning.

At the process ingredient found in the bait is slowly and perfectly interfering with the ant’s inner system and at last killing it, but it gives enough time for the ant to get back to its usual place and share the drug with other ants which ultimately destroys the large number. Its slow killing rate is important so that the moving ants can make numerous trips to the bait which reduces their survival. Ants sharing nature of ants colonies helps the bait to highly contaminate high number of ants to which prove great in their eradication.

The Baits are always very easy to use and before you place the stations you have to be very keen and have to remove other sources of food, such as sugar and any spots with grease in the house. This is to to prevent attracting these ants elsewhere and just concentrate on the bait. Always be careful not to place bait where or near a place you’ve already sprayed any other insecticides, for the pests may avoid the bait stations and prove to be a futile process. Make sure to hold the station firmly using a bait pack tab present while facing up. Also remember to break off your tab and also being careful not to spill the opened bait it should be applied on when you are sure it is the best place.

For you to attain the needed results, you have to make use of all bait stations so as to ensure all time availability of it for the ants. Keep monitoring the places you have put them all the time but you should not in any way interfere with the pests or the bait stations at all. Take time to change it when bait is depleted, this process may take only few weeks to completely kill the ants. But after all the ants are controlled, you are supposed to replace the baits after every three months this is to keep them from returning to the premise.

It kills all types of common ants that have attacked your home without struggle, also comes with pre-filled and ready-to-use bait stations which are so strong to any ants found near. Comes with patented design which prevents the bait from drying out an any time. This product has a tendency of attracting ants fast to the bait. It is always advisable to place your baits near any seen ant trails or where ants are found. The product is cost effective and compared to its high quality services it is worth the cost.

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