The proposed 8Bitdo TG16 2.4G Wireless Gamepad for PC Engine Mini, PC Engine CoreGrafx Mini, TurboGrafx-16 Mini & Nintendo Switch (TG16 Edition)

Playing games in the comfort of your home can be a joy, with all the time in the world by your side. All games involving game-pads give game players the feeling of connection with the game. Game time becomes more pleasurable when the gamepads are wireless and rechargeable. This increases the comfort of the game player, giving the freedom to take any suitable posture. Gamepads are available for consoles but its rare to find one which can serve a wide range of consoles. The 8Bitdo TG16 Two point four Gigahertz Wireless Gamepad for PC Engine Mini, PC Engine CoreGrafx Mini, Turbo Grafx16 Mini & Nintendo Switch (TG16 Edition) is one of such rarity.

With plans to release the new Konami Turbo-Grafx16 console, the company also announced plans to release the 8Bitdo TG16 wireless Gamepad. So much eagerness greeted the planned releaseof the new console, and also the planned release of the multi-compatible gamepad. The gamepad is set to be in the market on the 20th of May, 2020. Owners of the PC engines, Turbo Grafx games and Nintendo switch can make pre-orders so as to avoid the rush when it is eventually released.

This product is made by 8Bitdo, a company renowned for making high quality retro controllers. Having a long list of rugged and easy to use gamepads, wireless Bluetooth gamepads became their star products. They soon went into producing pads using wireless technology; two point four Gigahertz wireless. With popular products such as M30 for SEGA Genesis Mini and MEGA DRIVE Mini, the wait is on for the TG16 gamepad.

The 8Bitdo TG16 Wireless Gamepad is compatible with the the CoreGrafx Mini and the Mini PC engines, Turbo Grafx16 and Nintendo switch. This avails its owners the diversity of options as the pad has a wide range of use. Switching from one PC Mini console to the other is quite simple. The product comes with a two point four Gigahertz USB receiver which enables the user to access its compatibility with the Nintendo Switch.

It comes with a Turbo function that allows for a series of fast actions. This is a special feature on the gamepad especially for use on the Turbo Grax16. Unlike most gamepads which require Bluetooth connectivity for use, this uses wireless technology. Considering the limitation that comes with Bluetooth which is maximum distace, the 8Bitdo TG16 uses the two point four Gigahertz wireless technology. This allows for a range distance of 10 meters even through obstacles by using the USB wireless connector.

Its USB 2.4G is easy to use as it is a simple plug and play device. Once connected it is easy to pair with the Gamepad, and then the response speed is super fast. With the ability to process two billion, four hundred million instructions per second, the response time for these gamepad is amazing. Sizes of PC engine games or Turbo Grax16 games are not too large, this wireless speed is more than enough for use in these consoles.

A special Lithium ion battery in the gamepad allows for a cordless gaming experience. Its 180mAh energy rating assures gaming for a long period of time. With charging time of an hour or two hours, the battery can deliver a playing time of 18 hours. Most devices suffer a bit of lag when in use especially when the battery is running low. The 8Bitdo TG16 does not suffer lag even when the battery seems to be running low. It comes with USB cords which are connected directly to the console for charging.

Handling the Gamepad is easy as the shape is well suited to fit the grasp of the hands. Its shape, dimension and its light weight do not affect the hand for long gaming periods. This is rather helpful for Nintendo Switch owners as the grasp of the game controls can some times be an issue. Due to its compatibility with several consoles owned by many game lovers, the availability could be a problem.

Waiting for it release is almost over although an advantage for users will be to order before the enters the market. As the world battles the current pandemic, it could be quite a while before this product gets to stores around. Online stores have recorded so many orders placed already, the 8Bitdo TG16 may get scarce a week after it is released. With no ratings yet, the fan experience from previous products, and then the proposed wide range of use on several consoles make orders on a high.

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