The Adtech Mini Hi-Temp Hot Glue Gun Combo Pack, White

Are you into art and craft and have been wondering what glue gun to use for your creative work? Well, look no further because Adtech Mini Hi-temp hot glue gun has got you covered. The Adtech mini hi-temp hot glue gun is not just an ordinary ‘hot glue gun’. With 10 watts of power, Adtech mini hi-temp hot glue ensures that you have the best results for all your sticking needs. The Adtech mini hi-temp hot glue gun has so many exciting features and delivers the best value for your money.

Its size and weight

Adtech mini hi-temp hot glue gun is about 7 point three cm wide and 10 point six cm long. The Adtech mini hi-temp hot glue gun weighs around six point six ounces. This means that it is very lightweight and you can easily carry it when travelling because of its light weight. It can also stand on its own with the plastic piece protruding under the nozzle area. Adtech mini hi-temp hot glue gun works well with a wide range of materials including glass, metal, wood, paper and fabric making it multi-purpose. Because of ts size, its best used for home repairs and small works of craft. It also does not take up much space for storing because of its size.

Its use

The Adtech mini hi-temp hot glue gun is perfectly easy to use. All you gave to do is plug it into the wall socket, wait for about five seconds for the glue to get hot and it’s ready for use. After using it, you have to unplug it and wait for a few minutes for it to cool down. This is because it will stay hot as long as it remains plugged in. It comes with no battery so it must be plugged into a wall socket, after which you have to unplug and store it. The glue gun also has a reasonably long cord to facilitate your movement while using it.

Its durability

Unlike other glue guns, the Adtech mini hi-temp hot glue gun is greatly durable and can last for years. This is because it has been carefully and professionally devised with the best materials to suit your very needs. For its use, Adtech glue sticks are highly recommended as it works best with them. It only works with mini sized glue sticks because the regular sized glue sticks do not fit the gun. The glue sticks are rounded and have a zero point two eight diameter. Also, all Adtech min hi-temp hot glue guns have no harsh chemicals and are acid-free.

The Adtech glue

The glue is not watery like other glues but it will run slightly if used in a vertical position. It has a point at the end lets out just enough glue and also ensures the glue does not drip. After being plugged into a wall socket, the glue heats up extremely fast. When applied, the glue provides a tough clear bond in less than 30 seconds and can hold even weighty objects such as metal and glass. You have to note that the glue gun gets really hot when plugged into the wall socket and you ought to be careful when handling it. Also, children have to be supervised when using it to avoid injuries.


The package comes with a white Adtech mini high-temp hot glue gun and not one, not two but ten Adtech hot glue sticks to start off with. It also has a storage case where you can safely store your glue gun and glue sticks after use. In addition to that, the company has excellent customer care and is really speedy to respond to any questions and issues from all its customers. They also have a marvelous warranty to all their customers. The product also has many positive reviews from numerous people from different parts of the world who have purchased it.

Adtech mini high-temp hot glue gun promises convenience, durability, speed, quality and most importantly, value for your money. The white Adtech mini high-temp hot glue gets the job done and is ideal for use at school, home or the office. So, whether you want a hot glue gun for your crafting, DIY or school projects, Adtech mini high-temp hot glue gun is the best you can get. You can purchase this amazing product online at a pocket friendly price and join millions of satisfied people across the world using it.

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