The amazing Amazon Fire HD 10, plum color

Are you looking forward to buying a tablet for the first time, upgrading to a better but affordable tablet but do not know the options? Here it is, the all new amazing Fire HD 10 Tablet from Amazon, plum.

This is a 10’ inch display tablet with dimensions of 103 by 63 by 4 centimeters in length width and thickness respectively and weighs about half a kilo. These dimensions and weight give you a nice big display that is also portable. It has an impressive screen has a resolution of 1900 by 1200 giving you a wider viewing angle and the 224 pixels per inch. This ensures you get to watch full HD videos flawlessly with the 71 percent screen to ratio display.

The body build is sleek mainly composed of hardened plastic and is available in black, red, blue and yellow colors for you to choose from. It has volume and power buttons, an audio out jack port, a camera on the front and back and a light sensor on the front. On the back is a lithium non-removable battery that has 3830 mAh giving you up to 12 hours of browsing or streaming which is incredibly amazing. The big battery will not stress you as it is optimized for fast charging within no time.

It is powered by a highly modified android 5 version known as fire 5 operating system. The device has an 8-core processor giving you a 2 Giger hertz which is 2 billion cycles per second. This makes the device ultra-fast when scrolling through apps and on the internet being thirty percent faster than older generations. It is backed up with a 2 GB RAM and an internal storage of 32 GB and has an external storage space for up to 512 GB. All these mean that the device is fast when using and you can store as much data as you wish.

The phone has two cameras, a front and rear one. These two cameras are 2 megapixels the rear being HD enabled so that you can take 720 pixels. They may not be the best in the market but are good for you to video call and have a few photos here and there.

Perhaps the most distinguishing features on this device would be an Artificial Intelligence software, Alexa and Echo. Alexa works as a virtual assistant that performs commands you give using your voice. It can set alarms and play your favorite songs when you give commands by voice. Echo allows you to link this device to other smart home appliances. Through Echo, you can switch off your lights or tv by voice making them efficient in making life easier.

With all these in mind, this device is cut out for use by everyone. The Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet can be recommended to people looking for a large screen entertainment. A large together with access movie and TV shows such as Netflix and SHOWTIME as well as apps, games and books make it the perfect entertainment tablet. It also comes with a protective rubber casing that has stands. This enables hands free viewing and coupled with Alexa, you don’t need to move a muscle using this device.

If you travel a lot, the tablet’s long battery life and fast charging makes sure that you don’t run out of juice before getting a charging port. The expandable capability of up to 512 GB makes it suitable for those who love photography as they can store their shoots in this device. This can also come in handy when you want to save online movies to watch later.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet is a worth device with a lucrative large screen and fast CPU. For an affordable price on Amazon, you get a 10-inch device that has a fast CPU and RAM. Furthermore, you get free access to entertainment platforms that normally are expensive. You will also upgrade to voice command which is among the newest technologies in the market.

In conclusion, a tablet is a desirable device that you are likely to get attached to but may also frustrate you hence need for a good choice. Getting yourself the Amazon Fire HD 10 gives you value for your money and is a decision you’ll not regret

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