The ASUS Vivobook Laptop COMPUTER

Computers have been used in offices and homes for long for purposes of work and doing various official duties. Though the computer itself and its monitor is always heavy and carrying it is not an easy task. This makes the computer to be rigid and it is best placed in one place. In addition, it had many disadvantages because whenever there was an electricity blackout, all computers would shut down and you were at risk of losing your unsaved data. This is why the invention of laptops was celebrated by both students and people in different professions alike. Laptops have evolved with time and many different brands have been made to find a market in the already competitive market.

Our new ASUS Vivobook Laptop Computer is new to the market and it is already curving an impressive niche for itself with its unique design and abilities. This model is silver and its screen and body are ultra-thin therefore making it ultralight and easy to carry around. The screen has a 15.6” FHD display that makes images on the screen clear and of good color. With this resolution, the screen produces an energy-efficient LED display that ensures minimum power is used when using this product. The LED display ensures that you don’t spoil your eyes when using the Vivobok especially over long hours of work.

With a 12 GB RAM, you can do multiple tasks such as listening to music, playing large games that need system stability such as Fifa or PES without straining the processor. This heavy-duty RAM is there to ensure that games, music, videos, movies, and applications occupying part of the 512 GB of hardware run smoothly without the systems hanging or behaving weirdly. The 512 GB of space will ensure that you really strain to even fill half of this space because it is almost twice bigger than some hardware storage capacities. All these processes are supported by the latest Windows 10 version that runs the system.

If you love to connect with your friends or family via video chat platforms such as Skype or you are employed and you attend virtual meetings then this is the best device for you. This computer comes with a Webcam that has a high-quality camera of 9 megapixels. The Webcam has audio that enables you to interact almost realistically with other people on the other side. Speaking about audio properties, the computer has a Bluetooth connection where you can connect it with your speakers or home theatre to play music around your house. The Bluetooth share also allows you to send or receive music, video or other files to other Bluetooth paired users from your device.

This ASUS Vivobook has a cursor sensor which means that you can operate it without using a mouse. If you need to use a mouse, however, the Vivobook has three regular USB ports where you can connect your mouse on one port, a flash disk on the other, and still charge your phone simultaneously. The laptop also has a headphone audio port where you can connect your earphones or headphones and listen to music as you work. Shipment of the laptop is still ongoing and you may order it online or find it in stores near you at a pocket-friendly price.

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