The best Packaging choice, the Printholic Packaging tapes

The perfect packaging is a sight to behold as it is more attractive and appealing than a rough packaging. To arrive at that attractive packaging, the right packaging tape is to be in place. A tape with excellent features such as transparency, holding power, durability, strong and more is required to get your package ready for that delivery or storage whatsoever. Gifts, goods, files can all be packaged, delivered and stored in cartons or paper boxes; the type of tape used to seal and package them determines the lifespan of the package and its durability.

Printholic Packing tape is the perfect packaging tape for your shipping and other packaging needs. Its stunning features compliments your packages, gives it that good feel and puts it above other packaging tapes in the market. In dimension, the Printholic packaging tape measures 11 6 × 9 3 × 5 1 inches (12 95 cm) having a weight of around 6 69 pounds (3 03 kg). A roll of this packaging tape is about 110 yards (0 1 km) per roll and one pack of this product contains 12 rolls giving you over 1320 yards (1.21 km) worth of outstanding clear packaging tape. Printholic Packaging tape covers more than usual packaging tape with a width of 1 88 inch (4 78 cm) to give you wider coverage.

This tape is a standard tape and fits well in all standard tape guns for easy application, it is wrinkle-free thereby gives you a smooth Packaging feel on every usage. Included in a package of this product is a tape dispenser for application, you don’t need to go get one for your application, it is already concluded. For a stronger and long-lasting tape, the Printholic Packaging tape is the perfect definition. It is made to provide stronger feel to your shipping packages or that office storage, the high strong adhesive tape holds firm your package and give full protection.

There are no fears of a color patch while using this packaging tape. They are made with high transparency to give you a transparent visual and clear outlook. Toughness is another excellent quality associated with these tapes, they are so tough that do not split or rip during application. They provide extra holding power for your packaging unlike other tapes that do not hold on for long and starts pulling off. A good packaging has to be affixed firmly with a good packaging tape to keep the contents safe inside to avoid any form of destruction to them. This Strong and durable adhesive immediately sticks to your boxes and packages for months without you having to worry about losing any of your items.

Offices, schools, Homes and everyone who needs to pack anything can make use of this packaging tape as it offers everything required from a Packaging tape. This Packing Tape is a great carton sealing tape good for shipping, mailing, home removals, for storing and organizing household items. A multipurpose packaging tape is perfect for all your Packaging needs be, for shipping or just for storage anything that one expects from a household multipurpose tape is possible with these tapes. It is easy to use and apply as it offers a seamless and worry-free Packaging process, this moving and packing tape will always come in handy and has got you covered.

These tapes are pretty thick, so they can easily be cut with a pair of scissors, unlike thinner tapes which would get caught in the scissors thereby destroying the tapes and making application difficult. With these tapes, there is no presence of air bubbles trapped between the layers, this feature make them really superb especially when attaching shipping labels on packages. Comparing this tape with other packaging tapes in the market is a no brainier as its amazing features places it ahead of others in every aspect. Finding the edge is easier due to the thicker nature, its thickness of 2 7mil gives a stronger and tougher feel as well as eliminate frustrations encountered when applying Packaging tapes.

Excellence is what you get from the Printholic Packaging Tapes every time. Strong adhesive, durability, high transparency and efficiency are some wonderful features associated with this product. Having 12 rolls of 110 yards (01km) effective tapes in one pack is worth every cent, for your Packaging needs their tapes are the perfect choice.

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