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The biblical pack of cards

This pack of cards is a new dimension of gift card mostly to women who have a special place in your health. Not just an ordinary pack of cards, but the one with beautiful messages from the scripture. Aspiring quotes coined from the bible are used in passing love messages on the first page, and also inspirational words are written on the other page. The words on the cards could serve as morning devotion and a good reminder of biblical words.

It can serve many purposes to different people, depending on their mission, and what they understand about the cards. There is unnoticed spiritual power in a word usage. You may not know this, but it is true that the world we are living in originated from the use of words. Words you write or read are powerful tools that can make or mar human society. There are both physical and spiritual powers embedded in the words uttered by your tongue. Either you accept or not what determines status of your life are the words you use or exposed to on a daily basis. You can never be better than the information made available to you.

If those sentences in the above paragraph is understood and accepted, it means you have to be conscious about the information you expose your to, either from your work place or from the media. Human mind is highly magnetic, it attracts circumstanced that pertain to available information in it. Unfortunately, human mind is exposed to various information from different sources which can’t be easily controlled. Your mind is bombarded with a lot of negatives, and positive information from many channels like television, radio, social media, and many more. And you should know that, what dictates your behavior is determined by the available information in the mind.

When your mind is corrupt it bears bad behavior which can be detrimental to your life and the society you live in. However, solution to this is as simple as listening, writing or reading positive and life enhancing words like the ones discussed here. Similarly, there are many motivation books which are full of positive words in the market. But, it would have been a little better if scriptural books are prioritized over other books in your next purchase. As you probably know, scriptural books like Bible are known to be authentic, and the admonition they offer is full of wisdom.

The Bible has been around for the past 2000years, and remains a book of wisdom which many scholars refer to and make use of when life matter is concerned. Scripture is used in business while many entrepreneurs consult it when seeking business education and wisdom. This is still a spiritual book and a book of knowledge just the way it was thousands of years ago. The Bible is not only used in churches, but also used in academic schools.

Fortunately, the producer of pack of cards has gone extra mile, and put together beautiful verses from the Bible. Those spiritual verses that are written on one side of the cards are simple to read and easy to understand. It is a good gift you can give to your loved ones to make them feel happy or to inspire them. The color painted on the cards makes them a perfect gift for newly weeded couples. Give this to those undergoing depression and make them feel uplifted. It induces hope in them and it will make them feel happy again while quickening their recovery.

Depression issues can’t be taken lightly, it could lead to suicide if care is not taken. It is a psychological case that can be handled using good scriptural words from the Bible. As these scriptural words written on the cards are studied and digested, the depressed gets eased everyday by day. Additionally, reading this is a way to be familiar with biblical words, and this leads to spiritual growth. The more this card is used the higher the spiritual impact it makes on the reader.

You see, a mind that lives without God’s words can be compared to an uncompleted building where nobody lives. An empty space where anybody or anything can enter and corrupt. It is either you feed the mind with sensible words of this type, or you leave it to be bombarded by negative words around you. Mind can’t remain empty, you need to feed it, or it will automatically get fed by unorganized information that may hurt it. This is not a suggestion it is an important education for you, most especially, women who are mostly prone to emotions.

In fact, all churches must get this pack of cards for distribution among church members. The lady sitting by your side might be depressed without you knowing, just distribute the cards between those you love. It won’t only feed her mind with positive words, but will also introduce Bible content to her. Some may pick interest in studying Bible further as a result of simple sharing of the cards. This is a simple way to introduce words of God to others. But this propagation won’t happen until you purchase the cards, and distribute in it properly.

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