The Dark Crystal Movie

The Dark Crystal was a puppet-animated Dark fantasy film directed by Frank Oz and Jim Henson in 1982. This film was produced by Henson Associates with ITC Entertainment and distributed by Universal Pictures. The film revolves around Jen, a Gelfling on a mission to restore balance to the world of Thra.

By restoring a powerful Crystal it would overthrow the ruling of Skeksis. On the Planet Thra when the crystal of truth breaks making two races appear. Thra was ravaged by the Skeksis with corruption to extending their lives. Urru was too gentle and commonly known as the strongest Magicians. In the Valley of Stones, a home was made awaiting their prophecy, The leader of Urru raised a young gelfing named as Jen.

The Skeksis slaughtered the Clan to Jen, But Ursu the leader of the Clan shares thee prophecy to Jen making him the Chosen One. By collecting and replacing the crystal from Aughra in the village. As the Sun aligns UrSu passes away commands Jen to retrieve the Crystal. Skeksis learns of the prophecy and sends a large army after Jen to Capture him with the Skesil.

In his Journey he meets Aughra and enters orrery, Orrery uses the motion of the heavens to predict. Before Aughra completes to explain Jen grabs a Shrad from a box full of shards. The Garthim arrives to destroy the Orrery and taking Aughra hostage. Voices from the Crystal Urru village leaves the valley headed to the Skeksis castle. Jen, as he moves through the swamp, meets Kira,

One of the other survivors of gelfling who can communicate with animals. They learn a lot from each other’s memories and Jen stays for the night. Podlings and her pet Fizzgig raised by Kira flee when Garthim raids the village. With the skeksil keeping the Garthim from pursuing them, Jen and Kira find the Prophecy in ancient writing in a Gelfling city. Saying, “When single shines the triple sun,

What was sundered and undone shall be whole, The two made one by Gelfling hand or else by none.” Genocide was in place after revealing the prophecy to Skeksis. They flee to Castle of land striders in search of the second crystal, Skeksis was tricking them to follow them back to his castle. While rescuing the podlings Kira, Jen and the fizzgig falls at a dry moat at the bottom of the Castle.

On finding access they are interrupted by Skeksil who buries Jen. Jen being Caved in after denied to take Kira to the Skeksis, Kira is taken to a scientist Skektek to be drained her soul and Skekung to drink to regain his youth. Kira calls out for help from animals as instructed by Aughra. Skektek falls to his death and one of the Urru disappears. Aughra gets freedom and they leave with Kira before Jen arrives.

Skeksis and gelflings all at the crystal chamber for the ritual to immortality. Jen drops the shard and Kira also Knocked down by Skekung. Kira throws back the shard to Jen but she is impaled by the Skeksis ritual master, Jen gets furious and inserts the shard into the crystal fulfilling the prophecy. Garthim turns to dust and leaves a crystalline structure and stone covering the castle to disappear.

The leader Urskeks explains they had mistakenly broken the crystal long time ago. Revives Kira and ascend to a higher level of existence, leaving the gelflings to rise and make Thra better again. In the Age of Wonder, it is another world to another time. The classical fantasy story on Henson to date an only creature film, The story’s characters are musically wonderful that may or may not stick to your head.

Jen as the lead character realizes he’s chosen to come to light with a prophecy. With a crystal lost and his send to recover it before 3 suns meet in the sky. But Jen must first find the crystal and decide on the fate of the crystal. While trying to remain a step ahead of the skeksis. This film is on its timeline with new characters and creatures out of this world. The world of Thra with enough details from the book, the film just does the rest for you to have a clear image of the book, The best time ever spent recommending on purchasing this film with the book.

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