The Distance Learning Playbook Review

Teaching has been one of the oldest professions and it’s not going into extinction any time soon. Teachers are people that most times reach the heart of any kind regardless of their interest. They know the capabilities and even the flaws of any kid they teach. Even some times the educators might know more about a kid than the parents do. As the world is evolving through taking technology and educational system along, teachers are also expected to spice up their skills to bring about better teaching styles. This will help the children get used to the change that is happening and the one we are looking forward to.

Going to classes, writing notes, giving assignments, conducting tests, and exams in the four walls of a classroom is where most teachers do their teaching. Since technology has made it easier for instructors to do their works from the comfort of their homes without even seeing a student face to face. They can give teachings, assignments, conduct tests, examinations, grade them, and even give out results, all online. Giving access to the administrative and academic services of the institution, the instructors are sure their students can learn and gain effectively even when they are not physically present in schools through distance learning.

Walking from home in the early hours of the morning and staying in school for 8 hours daily can bore the students. Teachers, who have to keep orderliness in classrooms can be a little bit frustrated at times. Then since there is a good alternative to not going to classrooms, getting bullied by a senior, and others, most students now opt for distance learning and online classes. Instructors are then expected to learn a few things in handling distance teaching and learning.

Combining ideas, insight, and experience in the educational world, professors in Education leadership Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey teamed up with John Hattie an education researcher to give the perfect guide in making distance and online learning easy to take for teachers. The distance learning playbook is a book that aids teaching for engagement and impact in any setting. With videos of the authors having a wide-range discussion with tutors on distance learning topics, the guide is just the best.

To teach young kids in classrooms need extra care and caution, then taking them online would also need more serenity. The distance learning playbook comes with special guidance to lead teaches taking younger students on the right path. Going through the rigor of learning as a teacher is already taken care of as the distance learning playbook facilitates successful learning and even keeps tracks of such learning. A variety of instructional approaches that includes immediate and accurate instructions that enhance and stir up learning to excellent level are in included in this guide. Exchanging views on the problems linked with distance learning and striking the balance to make distance learning work, the authors add quality to this guide.

The authors have several years of teaching experience both offline and online and they know what’s best for you. Educators don’t need to go for any 6-month course to be able to take students distantly effectively. All that is needed is to buy a copy of the distance learning playbook, read, and be equipped with what it takes to handle successful distant teaching.

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