The Fantastic Features of the Newest Acer Chromebook 15 15.6 Inch Laptop

We live in a computerized world, and almost every facet of human endeavor is being digitalized. From sectors like banking, medicine, law, engineering, architecture, all the way to education. All these sectors has some element of computing in them. Since we already know that computers are currently being regarded as necessities, then we ought to go beyond using computers only at our workplaces, to using them at our respective homes. Therefore, this is the reason why laptops such as this product are uniquely useful to us all. This Acer Chromebook Laptop has several astonishing features, but we’ll be limiting ourselves to some major features of this product in the subsequent paragraphs.

To start with, this laptop is useful to a wide variety of individuals. However, it is particularly designed to meet the needs of businesses and students. The portable nature of this laptop makes it easy for individuals to carry it around. In addition, the product is relatively lightweight, and this makes it easy for students to carry it to the lecture rooms, the library or any environment that enhances learning. Again, this laptop supports wireless devices like wireless fidelity (WiFi) and Bluetooth. And this is encouraging because these two communication devices are highly important to students, since they usually use them to download and transfer files.

In addition, this Acer Chromebook Laptop has enormous space in the hard drive. And the fact is that the hard drive has been upgraded to 16GB eMMC plus 128GB SD Card. Hence, with this amount of space, students can do create, edit, organize and save a good amount of relevant data on their Laptops. So, this enormous space is relevant, and unique to us because it provides massive storage space for our large files. Businesses can benefit from the massive storage that this PC offers. This is because they will definitely have enough space to record their files, and install business management software like: QuickBooks, Tally, Sage, etc.

Again, this laptop has an amazing 3-cell lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 10 hours during mixed-use. The battery life of this laptop is fantastic and highly durable, and it will certainly enhance the work capacity of its users. This laptop also has some professional features that includes: double USB Ports, Single HDMI Port, and single Headphone or microphone combo jack. In addition, this Chromebook has a 4GB RAM that enhances our PC’s performance during multitasking operations, and its RAM size helps us to run multiple applications smoothly. Again, this Laptop has a fantastic screen resolution of 1366 × 768 Display, and it displays Intel HD Graphics.

Also, the manufacturer nailed this product with a fantastic price that is worth knowing. The price of this laptop is fair, reasonable and affordable. Therefore, this product is ideal for anyone that intends buying a PC, especially students and business owners. Again, this laptop is a high-quality device, and buying this laptop is a valuable investment that individuals can make. This is because this laptop will certainly provide some fantastic returns on your money.

Finally, this laptop can be given out as a gift to an undergraduate, small business owners, friends and families. And we can be sure that this will be a much appreciated gift because this laptop is unique and valuable. Therefore, generally speaking, we’ll say that this is a great PC, and it ought to be recommended as a must-have for everyone.

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