The historical novel The Last Kings of Shanghai written by award winning Jonathan Kaufman

Reading historical novels is important as they give us a chance to know more about several countries, and getting to know about their past and their heroes. Knowing these few details is good as they give you an insight into how nations are built, the heroes that helped us, and the bad men along with how we conquered them. This story is part of who we are, and from them, you can guess the type of people living a country, not only give us knowledge they allow us to understand the little inventions that made them great. These inventions were key in some battles fought such as the various inventions made during the two wars, a major type of the inventions was the nuclear technology. This was used by the United States to defeat Japan, and this shows the importance of innovation in any country and why we should embrace peace, not war. They show the various impact of wars, and why we are all trying to avoid these problems, there are some fantastic authors who write these stories in an interesting manner. This set of lovely writers doesn’t only tell the stories on our past, they teach on what we should learn on them.

Jonathan Kaufman is a top author that has won several awards with his lovely books that center on narrating the values of the past and what we can learn from them. His latest piece The Last Kings of Shanghai that talks on the rival Jewish Dynasties that was key in the development of modern China, this gives details on this lovely piece of the archive. This journal is a great epic story of two dynasties that are from different generations that dominated the states of Shanghai and Hong Kong in the twentieth century in China. The novel gives us an interesting narration of how those kingdoms moved, and developed into the contemporary period, and shows the steady nature. This masterpiece is written from a journalist that won the Pulitzer price which is a big award for a top journalist. The publication mainly explains what happened in 1963 in Shanghai, it was centered on The Cathay Hotel that was built in the famous city, and this hotel is a magnificent creation. This hotel talked about in the book was built by Victor Sassoon who was a billionaire, and a popular playboy.

The popular man Noel Coward wrote a brief note of that describes the life of the pirates in his suite, and the entertainer Charlie Chaplin was being a good man by keeping his wife entertained. During this times, Make and the Communist party were creating a plan on how they would start a revolution. In the 1930s, the popular enterprise Sassoons were already doing business in China for the last 100 years and competed in terms of wealth and influence. This competition was against the other dynasty called Kadoories, those two families were Jewish people that originated from Baghdad. They performed better than the native Chinese business and politics in the country for over 175 years, this made them make gains from the Opium wars where Japanese jobs survived. In this novel, the writer explains the struggles of how those families played a key role in a sudden boost in the economy of China that made them stronger than others. Although, we were reminded by the author on how blind we remained to the excessive inequality, and political turmoil in the country.

In this story, the roots stretched from Baghdad to Hong Kong, and then to the main city of Shanghai then to London, the author talks about Kaufman’s impact on the country. Kaufman enters the lives, and minds of those men and women with high ambitions to forge an archive of smuggling, rivalries between families, survivors, and the intrigues in politics. This book shows the moral aspect of these tribes along with their generosity, and foresight. During the global war II, they combined to rescues and defend 18, 000 refugee who was Jewish that was running from the hot spot Nazim. Although, their stay in this nation started as an opportunity to do business they later turned this place to their homes since they were reluctant to go even though this was the beginning of the revolution.

This author was direct in his writing as the words used kept readers interested in knowing more about the sudden rise of China. With China leading in the top economies chat, it is important to know how they got to the top, and learn more from them. For anyone that is interested in learning how to improve their countries wealth, they can be sure that they will get some insights into this wonderful piece of writing.

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