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The HP’s ProBook 430 G7 13.3

Everyone keeps mocking you in your class, at home, at the library, even your crush Debby doesn’t want anything to do with you. Why? You keep asking yourself, kicking yourself, oh!, it must be those big shoes you wear everytime and everywhere. No, it isn’t, because your crush Debby complemented them just few days ago. So, what could it be? As it turns out, you have absolutely no clue what it is that’s making you the center of all the jest. It’s not the shoes obviously, it’s not your dressing either, as you’re up-to-date with your dressing and well-admired in that section. Suddenly, as if you were just woken from a trance, you realize, it’s got to be your ancient laptop, it has definitely got to be.

Well, you guessed right but isn’t just the laptop itself, it’s the fact that it’s huge, annoyingly-heavy, and slow. You tried getting some of the recent softwares on it and the drag was simply unbearable. With a very horrible and horrendous graphic-quality, you even tried making it look a bit modern and flashy by getting a new laptop skin for it, but it just didn’t cut-it. Taking the laptop to school has become a huge task as its weight weighs you down and makes you walk sluggishly. Surfing the internet is also a nightmare as it takes forever to connect to the internet.

Well, maybe it’s high-time you let that laptop go as it has seen better days. It was around for Grandma Pam’s 70th birthday, it was also around for your friend Joe’s wedding three (3) years ago. It’s been a jolly five (5) year ride and it’s definitely time to say good-bye and say hello to the one-true upgrade. Now, say hello to the HP ProBook 470 G7 13-3″ Notebook, the life-changing gadget you’ve always wanted.

This Notebook is the upgrade you’ve always needed and longed for. With this laptop, you never have to beg anyone for attention ever again, as you’re now going to be the cynosure of all eyes. The HP ProBook 430 is as light as a feather, has a 14-inch screen, 8 GB Ram, and an indredible 1*5 GHz Intel Core i5 processor. This laptop is the real-deal and the answer to your prayers, as you’ll now be known as the “Upgrade” everywhere you go. The HP ProBook laptop also has a long battery life which makes it particularly good for gaming, and those Korean Soap-Operas you love to watch.

It is also less than a month old on the market so the earlier you get this laptop, the better your bragging rights will be. Now, Debby’s going to be all-over you and definitely want one too. This sleek-beast is also going to come in handy at the school library and connecting to the Wi-Fi is even going to get faster now and you’d definitely get many things done. Now, you can pull one over Joe who’s probably not bought this yet and would definitely get jealous.

With the HP ProBook 430, you can now play your favourite games as you’ve never really been a fan of the consoles. Games are definitely going to be faster on this because of the 1*5 GHz Intel Core i5 processor. Equipped with the Windows 10 Pro and a 256 GB ROM, this laptop is up-to-speed and it definitely has enough space for your softwares, projects and your movies, for when you’re on-the-go.

The HP ProBook 430 is definitely available at a steal as the price is absolutely ridiculous. Compared to how much you got your old laptop 5 years ago, you know this is a great-deal. This laptop comes in a shiny Pike Silver Aluminum colour which is scratch-proof and flashy. With an Intel UHD 620 graphics, this laptop has got what it takes to produce bright, sharp and detailed images. This graphic-capacity also helps in making sure your gaming experience is blissful. Are you still in doubt and maybe you are not sure you can handle this level of upgrade, read-on.

This Notebook laptop opens 180-degrees and it has passed 19 MIL-STD 810G test, and as you know, this is no mean feat. Think of the extensive change this gadget will bring to your life. It’s time, it’s time for you to make a life-changing decision to get the HP ProBook 430 and give your life a new look and meaning.

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