The impressive Novel: Destination Wedding

Romantic novels are loved by almost everyone because they are interesting, educating, and also take the readers through various emotional moments that will be as if it is real. If you think that you have read all the amazing romantic novels in the market and you are now getting bored, then you have not read the destination wedding by Diksha Basu. Diksha is the multi-national selling author of windfall which is another great work by him, quickly purchase this and enter the world of romance. Tina Das is a character in this novel when she was having problems with her life and work, she decided to go on vacation at her cousin’s wedding to clear her head.

She recently went through a break up with her boyfriend, and she was having problems with her career, this great change in her life was affecting her mentally. However, one of the reasons why she is stressed is that she felt that she will never be accepted and feel welcomed in America like India. Tina who is about to embark on a trip to India wishes that this wedding that will take place at the club in Delhi, Colebrooke’s will help her get over her challenges and problems.

Although her plan will soon go wrong because this is a party that will be attended by the entire Das family which means it is no place for relaxation. Tina’s parents are divorced and at this wedding party, both are taking advantage of the situation to explore their newly found love. Her mother is dating a white American guy while the father is with an Indian widow which he met on an online dating site. Series of things are going to happen which she has not planned for and this is going to scatter her plan of relaxation.

Tina’s best friend Marianne who is addicted to playboys may play a huge part in spoiling her plan. Although the accommodation is of a standard class and the drinks are fantastic but the drama Tina is about to face may influence her to make the decisions she has been running from all this while. This story is full of suspense, romance, family drama, love, and how a well-planned event can end up going the other way round.

The story will take you through life drama and the story focused on Tina who is a young beautiful Indian lady. She doesn’t apply much makeup in her face because of her large eyebrows that were not beautiful when she was younger but now fashionable. During her trip to Delhi, their flight was delayed due to technical issues that made all the passengers scared and wished that they were not told. Tina traveled with her friend Marianne to the wedding, hoping that they will have a lot of free time to themselves after the wedding. Serves people have read this novel, and they said it is the best book they have come across throughout their entire reading career. Good books are always fantastic because of their great storyline and when you are talking about that, then this novel is all about its incredible storyline.

Plus the wedding part added a great spice to it since everyone loves a wedding and what is more romantic than a wedding ceremony. There are many books in the market that comes with good description and review but when you read them you will be disappointed. This is actually different from those boring books since this product is the work of a great man who is already popular for his marvelous work. Tina’s plan of owning it is the greatest moment of life that is about to end in disaster. What could go wrong at a party in which you are with your closest friend and your family?

As soon as you finish a page in this novel, you will want to read more because every line in it is interesting. Designed to be compatible with all book readers to make it a suitable book to read for everyone. Whether you are far from romantic novels or not, this book will make you fall in love with it regardless of your taste due to the lovely theme of writing, and impressive stotyline.

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