The Itsy Bitsy Bunny

The Itsy Bitsy bunny is an Easter board book for young children which talks about a rabbit on his way to distribute Easter gifts but his basket falls on the way. This rabbit collects his goodies with the help of fox and hedgehog. Later on his friends assist him to distribute the gifts amongest their friends. The bunny is dressed in a red bow tie and this attracts the interest of the children.

Author Jeffrey Burton, gives illustration in form of pictures to assist children understand the book well while reading. It is among the bunny series book and keeps children occupied during holidays. The book enables them learn the importance of friendship and giving especially during celebrations. Children are mentored while still young to instill good moral in them and this book does the job well.

Those animals that assisted the rabbit in picking up the candies supported their friend when he was in need although some of them hid eggs. A clear indication of a bad virtue, children learn the act of honesty through this. The virtue of love and joy is also portrayed by the author, giving is a sign of love towards others. Rabbit shared his goodies to show love to his fellow friends and this proved he cared for their well-being. Parents can use this book to sing their children a lullaby or tell them bedtime stories.

It contains 16 pages, appropriate for kids because they need short and precise content to avoid boredom. Illustrations are done in bright colors to capture their attention, the art is also enticing to a 5-year-old child. The book is recommended for children between the age of 2 and 4 years because it is the age children imitate things from adults and at the age of 3 start school. Songs in this book are easy, they can sing along with whoever is reading to them the story.

This book teaches team work for easy task completion and good decision-making. Rabbit’s friends came up with a plan that assisted them to distribute the gifts among the people faster. The book is appropriate for all gender, if you have both male or female it is useful or only females. Purchasing the itsy bitsy bunny gives you a great opportunity to view other series of this book. The collections are mentioned on the blurb and you can purchase the book of your choice.

Through this story book, children learn to read because the language used is simple English. A language spoken by most people in the world therefore easy to understand. The song has interesting rhyme that enables children enjoy the rhythm. Keeps them active and lively during the holidays, they give you humble time to do your house chores. Purchasing this book is easy because it is available in most book stores or online at affordable price. The book was published on 5th of January 2016, it is interesting to read and recite the songs in the book. It’s cover page contains the picture of rabbit, the main character considering it is a bunny children’s book.

A good book for every child’s growth written by a renown children author. Purchase it anytime to boost your child’s listening and reading skills and to assist their performance skills to communicate fluently in English language. Children are believed to acquire new language faster compared to adults and this is the right book for them to practice. A child can realize the importance of certain things around them for example, pals. They get to know importance of having pals in their lives and socialize with them well.

Teach your kids the art of giving and sharing with the needy and their pals. Instill this virtue and mold your child to be a better person. They grow to be considerate of others and look after their needs. Children respect and work together to ensure task is completed faster, listen to each other decisions and agree on the appropriate way to handle things. This lively book make all the discussed things possible and goes to the extent of teaching them interesting songs for them to sing anytime they feel bored to make them happy. A book that teaches them the gift of love is good for their mental health and upbringing.

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